Self Guided City Bike Tours

Self-Guided Bike Tours (Rent a Bike, Hire a Bike, Bike Rental)

What to do in Santiago, Chile ? What are the best Santiago attractions? Tripadvisor has a some great ideas, like city bike tours or even Tours4Tips which is similar to the Free Tour Santiago city tour.  But maybe you want to do a city tour on your own?

Visitors to Santiago, Chile are always looking for new and interesting city tours of Chile’s capital. And while walking tours, bicycle tours and van city tours are great options, nothing beats the freedom and ease of a self-guided city tour on two wheels of Santiago Chile. With easy and affordable BIKE RENTALS from La Bicicleta Verde, you can explore Santiago as if it were your own private bike tour, hitting all the most interesting markets, parks and historical buildings of Santiago.

La Bicicleta Verde rents great cruiser bikes perfect for embarking on your own city tour of Santiago. Although The Green Bikes’ bike tours having been praised for the last 6 years, exploring Santiago Chile by yourself is a fantastic way to see the city.

With your bike rental from La Bicicleta Verde you will be given a map of Santiago with various routes with which you can explore the city. The markets and parks of Santiago are ideal for a self-led city tour that will surely make you fall in love with Santiago!