7 People Who Should Avoid Our Tours

1. Order And Organization?

Are you one for order and organization through every step?

Firstly, we wish you luck in South America where nothing will run exactly smoothly. We visit markets, thus chaotic. Cycling through a city of 6 million has its hitches.

Expect the unexpected… Laugh off the fruit cart that is holding the tour up in front!

2. Lost Your Bike Legs?

You haven’t ridden a bike since you first kissed Charlotte (or Carlos) under the oak tree? Maybe you’re due for a practice run first?

Our tours don’t take much cycling skills. However, we aren’t expert parents that know how to take someone from stabilisers to ‘big kid bikes’.

3. You’re An Avid Cyclist?

If you’re an avid cyclist that rides more than 180km a week do not expect to be worn out on our tours. Our routes and distances are published on each tour. They are all easy going, ranging from 5 to 14km. Don’t come dressed out in your Tour de France cycling shorts, no spandex needed here!

Our ventures are for the city slickers who fancy a leisurely couple of hours on 2 wheels (don’t panic if you forgot your inhaler).

4. Does Your TripAdvisor Profile Have More 3-Stars Reviews Than 5?

We are an economic tour company that is more about authentic tours and showing you guys the real Santiago.

In our eyes, Santiago is 5 stars along with its rustic quirkiness, just like our tours. Your perfection and overall unhappiness will be carried over into the tour.

Anxiety and pessimism are not welcome; we all left stressful jobs to make less and love more.

5. Don’t Like Kids, Dogs, Tattoos, Green Colour, Gay People?

If you do not like: kids, dogs, tattoos, the colour green, or gay people, you will hate what we do. We are family friendly (we were kids once too), our guides wear green and most of them have tattoos or a funky piercing, that’s cos they’re funky people! Lastly, we positively discriminate when we hire gays, gays for days… that’s how we roll!

6. Always Looking For The Cheapest Deal?

Our price point will make you think you could have spent less on a bus tour or saved more for beer. You are right!

If you can’t find the cheaper less quality tour options, we will happily send you in that direction!

We are a sustainable tour company both environmentally and economically.

The price makes bike tours viable over the long term for our city and for staff. Our guides stay with us for over a year on average, this is because the pay is fair and the job is fun. Our guides enjoy spending time with fun tourists who are happy to help keep the sustainability of our company.

3 of our managers started their internship here and decided to make a career out of it. We ain’t no Walmart… Quality runs through us, especially when it comes to staff treatment.

7. Hagglers Need Not Take Our Tour

We have had a 100% money back guarantee since February 2008. The founders quit their comfortable ‘important’ jobs and no one is going to change that policy. We’d be damned if people didn’t believe we are putting in our all.

Pay for the full price of the tour, if you don’t like it, we will make it right, without hesitation.

You don’t recognize yourself? Great! Check our packages HERE, we’ll have a great time together!