Valparaiso Chile April 10-17 Things To Do

Valparaiso Chile April 10-17

It’s a Boat Party

The bay of Valparaiso is getting ready to receive the regata of Velas Latinoamericanas which will reunite tall ships from around Latin America. The Libertad (Argentina), Cisne Blanco (Brasil),  Esmeralda (Chile), Gloria (Colombia), Guayas (Ecuador) and Simón Bolívar (Venezuela) will all make an appearance after sailing from Brazil around the Cape of Horn to Valparaiso and then back to the Atlantic Ocean. There will be a welcome in Plaza Sotomayor at 12PM Thursday, with the boats open for visits on Thursday and Friday. On Saturday 12, there will be a sailing competition in the bay starting at 9AM, and on Sunday 13 the boats will be bid farewell with a bands and festivities (12PM)

Thursday 10 to Sunday 13

Sounds To Travel Through Time With

Valparaiso is always ready to surprise as the new and the old meet in grimy glory. The Iglesia de los Sagrados Corazones sits in front of Plaza Victoria and will be showing off a jewel of the port: an french pipe organ that is more than 143 years old. This Friday 11 (7:30PM) the organ will be rocking out with a spectacular classical music concert.

FREE. Iglesia de los Sagrados Corazones. Independencia 2086.

A Party Amongst The Stars

The return of the fantastic local band  La Mano Inquieta means that the party is on! The Fiesta Interestelar will reunite the group with its querido puerto along with the acts Sonora de Llegar and Evelyn Cornejo. Breakfast will be served as the party is set to continue till daybreak.

Thursday 17. 10PM. $3.000. Centro Cultural Trafón. Avenida Francia 994.

Stuffed Tomato Hip Don’t Lie?

The female figure is the focus of the new exhibit by local sculpture Yasmín Montenegro. Tomatitos Rellenos reflects on voluptuous women, wide hips, thick legs and all that goes with a shapely woman’s body.

Galería de Arte Bahía Utópica. Almirante Montt 372, Cerro Alegre.

A Tea For Conversation

The hustle and bustle of Valparaiso is tucked all-in-one inside La Amapola Tetería Bazar. The cozy cafe offers over 40 different varieties of tea along with delicious homemade cakes, cookies and pies (vegan options galore). If you are looking for a relaxing cafe to read, write or conversate than this spot is for you.

La Amapola Tetería Bazar. Cumming 125.