Valparaiso Chile Labor Day Activities

Whats Going On In Valparaiso Chile May 1-8

Art With That Personal Touch

A space built to receive and share art is what Cristian Vega-Rojo has built in Cerro Alegre. The place is called Galería Espacio Rojo and it is a showcase for renown and new local artists breaking into the scene. There are more than 70 different artists, sculptors and designers on display in the beautiful space.

Miramar 175, Cerro Alegre (paseo Yugoslavo). Open 7 Days a Week 11AM to 6PM.

Party on The 2nd!

Recharge your batteries on May 1st because Friday 2 is a night full of parties in Valparaiso. Start off with a Flamenco Night at La Cocó, full of dancers, singers and Spanish flare(9PM. Montealegre 546. $3.000). Continue the march to El Gallo Negro where La Banda Imaginaria will be swinging in full force (11:30PM. Ecuador 301. $1.000).  Transan Cumbia with Doña Jarana Banda will be jamming with a Carnaval in the Streets at Bar Cureptano (11PM. Ecuador 88. $1.000). Keep on partying at Club Cassot with three dance floors featuring Fiestas VJ Mosch, Fumeta, Mercalli, Men.T.Zero, Miss Tape, El Sueño de la Casa Propia, Le Saux, Slang Utica – Vincenzo Dupré (18-47), Alejandro Villanueva, Sotek and ValpoRepra (11PM. Ecuador 110. $3.000).

Party in Baron

Muelle Baron is the place to land this Saturday 3. There will be a great party with an tribal ancestral Line Up opened by Rifs (9:30PM) followed by Andean Trip, Tkalii, Free Planet and Paranoiac taking to the stage with one of the best views of the city.

Deck Muelle Baron (Estación Metro Barón). 11PM. $5.000.

How ‘Bout Some Beer!

If you find yourself thirsty in Valparaiso then Wally has a recommendation. Just a few blocks from Plaza Sotomayor where Tours 4 Tips meets is the new brew-pub L´emporio della Birra. They have many artisanal varietals including the Arrayán (english pale ale) and Artillería (scottish ale). On Thursday 8 they will be organizing the First Valparaiso Beer Tasting event with gourmet brews and sandwiches and tapas to satiate your appetite (7PM. $5.000).

L´Emporio della Birra. Blanco 816. Monday-Friday open at 1PM and Saturdays open at 5PM.