Valparaiso Chile A City Of Graffiti: INTI

Inti Graffiti Valparaiso

Valparaiso Chile is a city that is known for its color, the multicolored houses climb from the 45 hills or cerros extending from the Pacific. Valparaiso, known as an artists haven is constantly being re-colored with vibrant graffiti. The famous Chilean street artist INTI has added to his extensive portfolio in Valparaiso with a gigantic mural that can be seen from Cerro Concepcion’s Paseo Atkinson.

The mural represents two Latin American mythological figures, the Kusillo and the Ekeko and can be seen above Calle Blanco from Paseo Atkinson. Originally funded by Chile’s Consejo de Cultura y las Artes the mural has become an icon of Valparaiso’s colorful character.
Valparaiso is a museum in the streets, as Chile’s Cultural Capital attracts artists from all over the world to paint its meandering promenades. Valparaiso became even more of a graffiti lovers destination after hosting the first Latin American Graffiti and Mural Festival in Cerro Polanco. La Bicicleta Verde’s Walk and Talk through the hills of Valparaiso will bring you to some of the cities best graffiti neighborhoods all the while discussing the historical, political and social background of Valparaiso, Chile’s Cultural Capital.