Travel time in surrealism and sounds, dance the cold out and taste the colors. Activities in Valparaiso June 26 to July 3!

Music to the Ears

Wally tuned his ear into this special museum and found more than 600 musical instruments from all over the world. Our lovely port has received many immigrants throughout the years, and some of them brought their musical passions along the journey. With the idea of giving them a remarkable museum setting, Fernando Ramirez’s collection shows the history, development and cultural importance of these musical instruments. Check the workshop where he is inventing new musical instruments.

Museo Organológico de Valparaíso. Ferrari 488, Cerro Bellavista. Open everyday, but reservation required at 93331841.


Surrealism in the Port!

Cuentos Fantásticos is what Francisco Tarifeño’s exhibition is called. Inspired by surrealism, he shows the port icons with his paintings inside Edificio Cousiño. This is a fantastic excuse to visit a beautiful 19 century mansion, which reflects the life of a wealthy family during Valpo’s golden era.

Edificio Cousiño. Blanco 997. Open Monday through Sunday.


Go Big on Super Saturday!

This month ends with a high note. Club La Sala (10PM. $3.000. Errázuriz 1054) is preparing a Salazo, 3 different dance floors for you to shake your bootie all night long: reggae with MC Jona, also 90’s pop with David Newcomb & Rubox Extended, and finally drum & bass with Valporepra. But if you want something a bit calmer, don’t miss Fernando Milagros at Ele Bar, a concert where this Chilean songwriter will go live with his latest album and also a few of his classics. (11PM. $3.000. General Cruz 335)

Flavors with a bit of Color!

If hunger strikes when you’re up the hill, check this restaurant. For lunch time, try the “menu” or fixed meal special where you can get an appetizer, a main dish and dessert.  But if you’re looking for something different, order “a la carta” for other delicious dishes of seafood or pasta! This bar-restaurant is located on Cerro Concepción and is full with surprises for all your senses,  including live music Friday and Saturday starting at 9:30 PM.

Restaurante Sabor Color. Templeman 561, Cerro Concepción. Monday to Sunday, lunch and dinner