Team-Building With A Bike

Learn how to build a bike, and share with locals

Our learning adventures seek to develop team building and management competences much needed in the 21st century. We aim to create unforgettable experiences that will change the way participants understand what it takes to build, nurture and work as a team.

Objective: Build a team that understands the key factors needed to succeed when faced with a challenge while developing a high level of commitment and engagement towards organizational success.

Based on the principles of ACTION REFLECTION LEARNING (ARL), developed by the MIL Institute, the methodology focuses on the learning by action or learning by doing process. Based on the theories and studies made in the 40s by Reg Revans, The main learning principles behind the ARL are: Relevance, Self Knowledge, Tacit knowledge, Repetition and reinforcement, Reflection, Facilitated learning
Discovery, Adaptation and Building of new mental maps and models, Systemic understanding and practice, Integration and Social learning.
The methodology is experienced-based and allows large groups of participants to engage into a learning process that is both interactive and challenging.


20-200 participants, tailor-made customizations and content development, all working material, bikes shipping and accessories to the venue, of bikes (1 bike per group of 5 participants), 1-2 facilitators and specialized personnel to check the bikes at the end