Scavenger Hunt

A fun team building in the markets of Santiago

The scavenger hunt is our most fun activity. The guides often do ‘rock, paper, scissors’ on who gets to lead this tour! You will experience Chilean food and wine from start to end! I hope you have a competitive side, a team spirit and a big appetite!

The group’s divided into smaller teams and given missions to collect ingredients from La Vega market. You’re sent through a maze of fruits, vegetables, meats and everything in-between. Each group has a guide, but you will get points deducted the more you try and get their help. You must hunt for that perfect sweet potato, find the only jalapeno pepper or even find the hairdresser and shoe polisher. Points will be awarded for other missions such as filling out questionnaires on the La Vega workers. Bonus points for obscure and hidden products. All this in a set amount of time… READY. SET. HUNT!

Your selection of ingredients are awaiting to be prepared into a traditional Chilean dish. Together we will ride out of Santiago to a beautiful vineyard where the cooking commences. We begin with a wine tasting straight from the barrels! Then you will be assisted by a chef in making your part of the menu. Upon finishing, we will gather together and do what Chileans do best: enjoy a great asado!

This is a day of cultural integration with the locals and the food. Buen apetito!


This activity works better with large groups on a trip(over 15). However we can arrange smaller ones also.


Takes some planning. Best to be booked ahead through email.


For school groups, college groups and work groups – All welcome.


Preparation, language skills, teamwork and dynamics, leadership skills, time management, goal accomplishment


A guide to each smaller group, transportation to and from hotel and vineyard, all equipment for cooking and collecting, the scavenger hunt bible (rules)