Cruise Through Colorful City Markets, Graffiti And Culture In 3 Hours!

Morning Tour

Discover Santiago's Street Art

Visit Santiago's Famous Markets

Pedal your way through the colorful, bohemian Bellavista neighborhood and local markets, taking in an abundance of fruits, vegetables, native seafood and local characters.  By the end of the tour you’ll have a brand new understanding of Chilean culture and history in the capital city – and know a great place to find your next meal!

Why take THIS tour, Why THIS tour with La Bicicleta Verde?

 Getting off the beaten path to explore Santiago’s hidden gems is best done by bike, where you can see, smell and touch the wealth of the markets and interact with the locals.

Who should NOT take this tour?

We made a list of 7 people who are not welcome. #1 says: “People who want everything organised perfectly from day one to the final departure.” This tour visit markets and other public places, which means it can be chaotic.  Expect the unexpected.

Tour Details



$41 USD (Prefer Private?) 50% off for children 11 and under!


Subject to availability, must book 24 hours in advance and await confirmation.


La Bicicleta Verde Base, Loreto 6


7 KMs


Relaxed. Be confident on the streets with your bike.


Available for children ages 2 and up


6 travellers, an extra guide will come if there are more.


Only yourself and comfy clothes, no spandex required!


Water, helmet, sunscreen, bilingual guide and your green machine (bike)


Pick-up, Insurance

Full Itinerary
Barrio Bellavista

Bike visit in BellavistaEver since 2009, Lonely Planet recommends this “two-wheel town tour with a cultural bend,“ and our local guru guide (the person with the knowledge, cycle skill sets and handsome looks) will get you informed, fitted and kitted upon arrival.

9:30am: We head to bohemian and graffiti-filled Barrio Bellavista, weaving between cobbled streets and colourful murals to learn about how the neighbourhood’s past influences your beautiful surroundings

La Chascona

10am: Next stop La Chascona, house of the famous Chilean poet and cultural icon, Pablo Neruda.

Mercado Central

Fish Market Mercado Central

10:30am: Weave your way to La Vega Central, Santiago’s largest fruit, vegetable and everything in-between market. Then over the Mapocho river to Mercado Central seafood market, a necessary stop when in a country with over 6,000 km of coastline. All the beautiful food will get your appetite up, but don’t worry, we won’t let you go hungry…

Back to The Bike Base

Mission Complete

12:00pm: Hop back on your bikes to head through the picturesque Parque Forestal, one of our favourite pieces of the 14 kilometre long riverside park that runs through our capital city.


Rain? It rains less than 15x a year, but yes, we operate rain or shine.

Combine your local morning ride with the highlights of Santiago in the afternoon and get a discount!

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Weave your way to Santiago Chile’s La Vega Central market: One of the top markets in the world!

We meet at Loreto 6, you can recognize our office from afar by its colourful walls!

Discover the daily life of a Santiaguino & the best places to try Chilean famous seafood dishes!

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