Taste Delicious Wine

Have a ride through the vineyards

La Bicicleta Verde is famous for its Bike and Wine Tours around Santiago. Cycling through the peaceful vineyards, discovering the stories behind the well known Chilean Wine and of course having a tasting of some of the best choices the country has to offer. It’s a unique experience, we love to share with everyone keen to join the journey.  

We are constantly improving our tours, for which reason we developed new wine tours for 7 times already! Considering this, we are more than proud to announce a Brand New Bike and Wine Tour in 2018! Join us to visit the famous Maipo Valley. There’s a secret oasis on the outskirts of Santiago, and it happens to be Chile’s most famous vineyard, Concha y Toro. The Boutique Winery William Fevre offers an even more individual approach on getting to know the secrets of Chilean wineries. As well cycling on the edge of the world’s largest vineyard, Concho y Toro, gives us the opportunity to have an even better experience, than anything we did before.

This laid-back bike ride is just outside of Santiago’s urbanisation, making it the perfect outing outside of the city downtown.

Why visiting the Maipo Valley?

Did you know the Maipo Valley is called the “Bordeaux of South America”? It describes quite well why you should visit the Maipo Valley just outside of Santiago. It’s one of Chile’s most important wine-producing regions and home to some of the country’s most prestigious wines. For sure the famous fruit-driven Cabernet Sauvignon is undoubtedly its most celebrated one. This area is just perfect for relaxed bike ride, outside of Santiago’s urbanisation, making it peaceful but accessible at the same time.

Why THIS tour with La Bicicleta Verde?

You could always go with a busload of tourists on your own tourist bus or you could be more green, local, and have a lot more fun doing it by bike with La Bicicleta Verde. There’s no better way to escape the city for a few hours than relaxing here in the grapeful air. Our Green Gurus (aka your local guides) are wine experts, but not wine snobs, and will make you feel comfortable while showing you the ropes.

A Half-Day Escape By Bike Amongst Chile’s Finest Wines

On this 90 minute gentle downhill ride, you will see the 100+ years of several vintage vineyards like Concha y Toro and 10+ boutique wineries that make this valley so memorable. You will find out more about the three factors that affect the production of sugar in the plants: sunlight, humidity, and the conditions of the soil. You will learn a lot without being intimidated by wine snobbery… 100% prohibited. Stories and wine worth savouring will be the theme of this tour.  You, riding a green bike, on vacation in the middle of a vineyard, the Andes towering in the background. That’s enough to make anyone jealous, and makes an awesome screensaver.

The Only Full Day Experience Bike and Wine Concha Y Toro

Discover Chile’s most famous wine valley, Maipo, and then Chile’s most famous vineyard, Concha y Toro, all of this amongst hidden roads connecting boutique wineries to mansions, farms, and the Andean Mountains, in a whole day. We believe a mix of elegance, human architecture, humility, human connection, and legs, both biking and red wine stretching across our wine glasses, make this trip unforgettable. We are the only team to offer a full day outing on a bike that includes a boutique winery, a world famous vineyard, Concha y Toro, and lunch at Las Majadas all in 8 hours.

You are looking for our old option Cousiño Macul?

You might have understand by now, why we changed our previous Bike and Wine tour on the vineyards of Cousiño Macul to our new experience… We just try to offer you the best possible bike tour, which you will for sure experience in the area of the Maipo Valley. Our concept stays the same, it’s just upgraded for your convenience and an unforgettable day on the green bikes!

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