Top 5 Reasons to Go on La Bicicleta Verde’s Parks and Politics Tour

1 – You learn about the recent political struggle that Chile went through and can see how it affects Chileans now through our young guide. Your young Green Guru will talk about the dictatorship through a mixture of their personal experience and perspective and the facts, in a non-judgemental way.

2 – You will avoid traffic by passing through Santiago’s parks, spending a peaceful, safe, and relaxed afternoon pedalling on your green bike – we also keep you safe when in traffic in the centre.

3 – Surprise included! Something Chileans love very much and consume the most of in Latin America…

4 – As an ecotourism company we want to contribute as little as we can to Santiago’s pollution problem – our green bikes are the best solution and are fun!

5 – The sun can be seriously strong in Chile, due to a high level of UVB rays – on this tour you will be mostly in the shade away from the strong sun’s rays.

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