Terremoto: The Chilean Drink That You Must Try

About Terremoto:

So what is Terremoto?

  • Pipeño: Sweet fermented wine
  • Pineapple ice-cream
  • Grenadine syrup
  • Extra taste: Pisco, Fernet etc..

Terremoto means Earthquake in Spanish. It gives a little idea on the degree of how shaky you can be after drinking this cocktail!  
It’s one of the most popular drinks in Chile and is consumed to a greater extent during the fiestas patrias -the dieciocho!!                     
As no one knows the exact date that this drink had been created,  many bars claim their authorship like El Hoyo, La Piojera and El Rincón de los canallas in Santiago.
So if you want to enjoy yourself and have a nice drink you now know where to go!! You can also join our 10AM tour in which you’ll live a local experience in the markets and have a taste of the famous Terremoto!

Terremoto during fiestas patrias:

Just to highlight one point, during Fiestas Patrias, Chilean people want to celebrate like they never did in their lives and they insist to do it with all the Chilean traditions.
National Drinks are veeery important during this period, and if I tell you that the whole country is partying for an entire week, trust me I am not lying.
The festivities are crazy and amazing and you will really feel yourself in an authentique country.

So, since the Terremoto is a traditional cocktail, and Chilean know how to celebrate, Moderation is NOT an issue for them during Fiestas Patrias.
Despite its very sweet flavour, do not underestimate the power of terremoto to shake you.  I still remember my first time…  Trust me, I still feel shaky 😉
So for the fiestas patrias I definitely recommend you to try it. It would be a shame to come to Chile and come back without tasting it!!
Now, I am going to address the people who think that they have a high alcohol tolerance. Dear alcohol lovers, please don’t get more than 2-3 glasses, otherwise you will not enjoy the celebrations and finish your week in bed. Too bad, isn’t it ? So let’s drink reasonably!!

Little bonus:

What prefer Chileans from La Bicicleta Verde in fiestas patrias?
According to Hector, food and drinks are the best things during fiestas patrias.
“ What I prefer in the dieciocho are empanadas and alcohol. I know that this is available in Chile during the whole year but during this period they become special. It’s like we celebrate it too… During the fiestas patrias it seems like there is magic in the air, everybody become happy and nice. It’s also a good opportunity to see the family and spend a good time together… The one week vacation that all Chileans have given us the occasion to see huasos performances and go to fondas to eat empanadas and drink some alcohol. You can also find some alcohol that exists only on fiestas patrias like chicha, which is  known in all south america… My favourite alcohol is definitely Terremoto, I like its sweet favor and especially its effects (laughs)”