Meet The Founders

Joel Martínez – Chile, Co-founder

Joel is Arican by birth, and a father of two kids. Since graduating from Law School at the Catholic University in Santiago, where he also studied Aesthetics, he realized that his passion was creating: hence, his law firm Failla & Martínez. Among many of his projects, Joel has published two apocryphal poetic works, and currently oversees all development of Picnic Sur S.A.

Peter Lewis – USA, Co-Founder

An American born in Osawatomie, Kansas, Peter studied sociology at Gordon College. After traveling in Latin America, he fell in love with Santiago and decided to study his masters in International Politics at the University of Chile. He was a professor of international relations, but realised his passion for bicycles and Chileans was much stronger than his passion for books and classrooms.

Meet the team

Priscilla Morales – Chile, Manager

She was raised by her maternal grandparents who taught her to be joyful and strong, in order to deal with life. Her village was quiet, so there wasn’t much to do besides read books and watch TV. And so was born her interest in the world, different cultures, languages, and travel through the experiences of others.

Louise Allman – USA, Manager

She came to Chile from California in January 2012, she fell in love with the country’s sense of humor and wine and wanted to share her love with others. If you’re lucky enough to meet her and are able to decipher her speedy Spanglish, she will delight you with all her knowledge of music, bars, and the best bike routes.

Julie – France, Commercial Manager

Julie came from France to do an internship, but ended up being so passionate about her work that a few months later, she was hired. She has a passion for cheese (like all French no?), but also for the tourism industry.

Barbara – Chile, Promo Manager

Barbara has been on the team for a few years and studied tourism. She is now doing what she does best… BIKES. If you don’t see her tightening tires, then you’ll see her cruising around in Santiago on her bici.

Hugo – France, Reception

Hugo, a French receptionist, started his La Bicicleta Verde career in 2016 as an intern! He enjoyed his time at LBV so much that he came back to work as our receptionist. Hugo really likes learning about new cultures and fell in love with Chile’s. He also really likes riding his bike up San Cristóbal hill to admire our capital!

Gabriel – Chile, Finance & Administration

Gabriel joined the Green Team as a financial and development analyst. He has a passion for developing new businesses and working in a good environment. Therefore, his dream is that La Bicicleta Verde becomes the best tourism company of Chile. Gabriel loves going to the beach, having asados, and biking on his Green Bike. Coming from a small village, he is the green cowboy of the team.

Gabo – Chile, Reception

Gabo joined us in January to work at the reception! He arrived at La Bicicleta Verde as an intern and was hired as a receptionist in April. Coming from the south, he loves listening to music, sharing a beer with his friends, and playing guitar!

Max – Chile, Administration

Max works in the administration of La Bicicleta Verde. His tasks are focused on treasury, human resources and accounting. As a Chilean, he loves playing and watching football and hanging out with his friends with a good beer.

Javier – Chile, Operation Manager in Valparaiso

Javier – Chile, Operation Manager in Valparaiso

Mari – Finland, Customer Service & Experience Designer

Mari – Finland, Customer Service & Experience Designer

Romina – Chile, Promo Manager in Valparaiso

Romina – Chile, Promo Manager in Valparaiso

Catalan – Chile, Back up guide & Mechanic

Catalan – Chile, Back up guide & Mechanic

Elias - Chile, Operation & Mechanic Assistant

Elias – Chile, Operation & Mechanic Assistant

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