Tatiana’s first week of internship


February 2019

That’s it, it’s been officially one week I’m here at La Bicicleta Verde! Time goes really fast and I’m already in love with everything!

My name is Tatiana, I’m from Southern France, I’m 25 and I’m doing an internship to validate my Master’s degree in Sustainable Tourism Management. I’ve definitely chose the right place!



As you probably already know or will soon find out, the company has 3 brands: La Bicicleta Verde (bike and wine tours in Santiago), Chile Guru (travel agency) and Tours4Tips (free walking tours in Santiago and Valparaiso).






The first two days I joined the morning and afternoon walking tours, and the morning and afternoon biking tours. It was great to see concretely what services we offer and fun to visit and learn about Santiago, my new hometown. All guides are young, dynamic and funny, and the tours are super interesting and interactive!

What I love about this internship is that you’re multitasks and the assignments are very diverse:

  • Welcoming travelers at reception and do bike rentals
  • Do reservations on Rezdy
  • Go on Trello (a project management application) to check the ongoing tasks: this is very useful to be organized and help you keep track of everything you’ve been assigned to.
  • Taking care of Pipedrive which is a great CRM (Customer relationship Management) tool!
  • Go in front of the National Museum of Arts to do the check-in of people doing the Tours4Tips tours. This is nice for a break of the office, to go a bit outdoor and meet international travelers!
  • Research on the market and the LBV competitors


I live in an awesome house, with a dozen people, only Spanish speakers for the moment (Chileans, Mexicans, Venezuelans and Spanish) which it’s great I can practicar mi español! Also it’s a 30 minutes walk from the office, so very convenient!

Here is the great painting of my house facade!


So far I’ve only been once out of Santiago to go to Cajón de Maipo, you really need to take the time to go, landscapes are amazing!

People here are very nice and welcoming, they never seem bothered when you ask for help. If you come during the summer here it’s very hot and sunny! As a Southern French I’m glad to avoid the cold winter weather back in France and have a full year of summers!

The only struggle for me is the language! Chilean have so many expressions and curious words, it is sooo different from the Castillan that I’ve learned at school and in Spain. For example there’s a word for the many dogs living in the streets, they’re called quiltros. They’re super cute and much respected by the Chileans. There are other words like pololo/polola (= boyfriend/girlfriend), po (= pues), cachay? (= do you understand?)…. But it’s actually fun to learn the slang, I can’t wait to be able to use these words properly and become a real Chilean!