Should I take a Bike Tour, Walking Tour or Bus Tour?

As you might imagine, visiting Santiago, Chile’s capital city, provides a myriad of options for any type of traveler. What to do in Santiago presents the most basic quandary of whether you should see the city by taking a bus tour, a walking tour or a bike tour through the city. Santiago’s endless markets, parks, museums, restaurants and historic districts are all centrally located, waiting to be explored and the options are endless.

Bus Tours in Santiago, Chile

Most people know that Bus Tours are a great option for the tired or weary traveler wanting to see a lot of the city without much physical exertion. Santiago’s Turistik and Turistour bus tour company offers hop-on hop-off bus routes through the city with pick ups throughout Santiago’s downtown. What the tour lacks in content and entertainment value it makes up for in convenience.

Walking Tours in Santiago, Chile

If you are a little bit adventurous, a walking tour of  Chile’s biggest city is an even better option. The beautiful downtown neighborhoods of Bellavista, Bellas Artes, Lastarria and Providencia are easy to visit with La Bicicleta Verde Walk and Talk city tour. The beautiful parks of Santiago along with the bountiful markets of La Vega Central and The Mercado Central will be explored by our bike tour guides who also get off their bikes to show Santiago by foot.

Why Bike Tours are the Best for seeing Santiago!

We started doing bike tours in Santiago in February 2008 because we realized that bikes let visitors see the city in a different and better way than bus tours and walking tours. So if you feel comfortable riding a bike, let us tell you why you should take a bike tour.

1) They are fun! Bikes are fun, bike tours are fun.

2) You see more! Bikes are faster than walking and definitely faster than sitting on a bus in traffic. Just see what people think about local traffic on this blog.

“There may be a traffic jam for miles on end though people will continually beep as if it would speed it up (do you really expect the car in front of you to suddenly sprout wings and fly out of your way?).”

One news article compares Santiago to Los Angeles, California and we know they are famous for bad traffic jams.

“A trip to Santiago, Chile: It sometimes feels like Los Angeles”

3) Bike Tours are extremely safe. Santiago was named Latin America’s most bike friendly city.

4) You can see so many different areas that you cannot see on a bus.

5) Santiago is already polluted enough because it is located in the middle of a valley. So, avoid bus tours and take a Bike Tour as it is the most sustainable and enjoyable way to visit Santiago Chile.


What are my options?

La Bicicleta Verde offers a morning bike tour through the markets of La Chimba neighborhood, and a great afternoon bike tour of the parks and politics of Santiago Chile. If Latin America’s most bike friendly city has you wanting to pedal some more, visit Chile’s famous wineries with Chile’s favourite bike tour company, La Bicicleta Verde.