Our Mission Statement

Our company’s mission is to work to be ambassadors of the good natured Chilean identity. We believe that it is the Chilean people who make this country so memorable, and that it is thanks to them that this company is possible.

Our Four Pillars of Sustainability

At La Bicicleta Verde, we work day in and day out to create tourist experiences that are both memorable and sustainable, both in terms of their design and their operation. It’s our responsibility to ensure that our interactions with our surroundings combine value and quality with a respect for the local environment, community, and economy. From this belief, our sustainability policy is broken down into four main pillars.


We are committed to ensuring that 90% of our services do not use private motorized transport, so as to utilize bicycles, walking, and public transport, such as the metro, trolleys, funiculars, and buses.

We have a policy of paper and plastic bottle recycling, and we are working on expanding this to other materials.


We firmly believe that Santiago is the most bike friendly city in Latin America, and we work to forward this, supporting NGOs that promote bicycle-usage in the city.

Our company stands against sexism and all forms of discrimination.

The design of our tours focuses primarily on the culture of the common people, political history, and the recovery of important spaces in the city that are not typically considered “touristic.”

Our company strongly rejects child sex tourism and all forms of human exploitation.


Our providers are mainly local businesses who are very involved in their communities. We work to prioritize purchasing from free-trade providers, forging connections with them, and creating community

Our business promotes the growth of its team-members, identifying and nurturing talent and entrusting new responsibilities, in order to help us all learn and improve as a company.

As members of the tourism industry, we believe that inter-business cooperation is an essential value for the sustainable growth of the sector, and it is because of this that we belong to organizations of local small-businesses in all the regions in which we operate. Currently, we are partners on a national level with ChileSertur AG, and on a local level with Disfruta Valparaiso and HHyR AG.


For all us members of the Green Team, the quality of our services is fundamental. Because of this, we offer a 100% guarantee on our tourist services such that if the client is not satisfied, they can demand their money be refunded.

In 2012, we received recognition from the National Service of Tourism for the contribution of La Bicicleta Verde to sustainable tourism and touristic awareness

In 2014, we received recognition as the “most innovative tourism company in Chile” by FEDETUR (Federation of Tourism Companies of Chile). The judge decided to grant us this prize for the daily work we do to create touristic value in historically important neighborhoods, as well as areas of the city and its surroundings not typically explored by tourists, with a special emphasis on the culture of the common people, political history, and street art.

In 2015, we received our Certification of Touristic Quality, the “Q Seal”, which has aided us in the professionalization of our methods.

In 2016, we received our SIGO distinction (Initial System of Organizational Management), a management tool that emphasizes development of personnel and leadership, marketing, service, and customer service.

In July of 2016, we received our Distinction of Sustainability, the “S Seal,” and we are now one of the 5 certified tourism operators in Chile.

Our Principles

Provision of supplies by local providers

Strengthening of systems of information for tourists and visitors, emphasizing safety and service quality

Promotion of initiatives to strengthen the quality of tourist services and their management

Incorporation of systems of monitoring and review of goals and management

Commitment by the company to the achievements, creativity, and initiatives developed by the team

Promotion of the comprehensive development of the community and local well-being

Promotion of training initiatives and fair treatment for the team and collaborators, fostering team-work

Conservation and protection of natural ecosystems, native biodiversity, and local culture

Complying with regulations and innovation in order to reduce and manage waste, as well as save energy and water

Our company adheres to the Global Code of Ethics for Tourism, created by the World Organization of Tourism