Simina’s arrival at LBV

About me

Hello everyone! My name is Simina. I am originally Romanian, but I grew up in Spain since I was 12 years old. I’m studying Tourism Management at the University of Amsterdam. During the third year of my studies, I wanted to fly for an internship somewhere outside Europe as part of my university program. I heard about La Bicicleta Verde from another ex-intern from my same university, and I knew I wanted to do the same. I wanted to work in a sustainable Tour operator and travel around beautiful Chile.

Arriving in Santiago



On the 17th of August, after my first 21 hours flight, I finally landed in Santiago. I made it to my Airbnb, where I would be living for the first week meanwhile I would find a house, and I went to discover the city. I walked through the old city centre in the cold winter, because don’t forget here is the opposite season than in Europe. The first two days I was off, and I decided to go house hunting. I realised that there is plenty of offers and it wouldn’t take me long until I could find my new accommodation.


Starting my internship


                     Barrio Bellavista                                                           La Vega Central


The first day of my internship, I took the bike full-day tour, and the second day, I took the Tours 4 Tips. A good thing about working for a tour operator is that you get to know the city with their tours for free, and we all love for free, don’t we? I loved the colours of the market La Vega Central and the variety of things they sell. I also tried my first sopaipilla, a typical Chilean pastry, which was delicious. I loved the diverse architecture of the Bellavista neighbourhood. This is the bohemian neighbourhood with restaurants and bars. Over there you can also find one of the three houses Pablo Neruda had, La Chascona.

The tours showed me some must-see spots from Santiago like the Palacio de la Moneda, Barrio Bellavista, the markets, parks and it also taught me about the history of the city, the politics and local life which was very interesting. I learned that there are lots of quiltros (street dogs) in Santiago, that instead of entiendes (you understand) Chilean people use cachai, and that there are lots of contrasts in the same city. You can see from old buildings that survived the last earthquake in 1960 until skyscrapers. There is a bit for everybody; people who love culture and museums and the ones who prefer to live in a new “European” neighbourhood like Las Condes.

Back to the office, I learned about Trello, how to check-in guests to the walking tours, how to make rentals of bikes, and I got my first assignments of marketing on which I am working at the moment. I am very happy I choose this internship because I can learn so many things and I’m thrilled about what the next five months will bring.

Let the adventure begin!