Sara joins the team !

A few words about me…




Hi everybody! My name is Sara, I am from Paris and I study literature and history of Latin America. I have always been passionate about Chilean culture, its folkloric music, muralists and wonderful landscapes! So I decided to take a big decision: leave my city and move in to Chile to do my internship in LBV.


Why La Bicicleta Verde?

I wanted to find an internship that permits me to link my passion for Chilean culture and my academic knowledge about its history. At the same time, I wanted to develop new skills, so in the future I can begin a tourism career. So LBV was the perfect opportunity for me!

When I arrived in Santiago:

  • When I arrived in Santiago I was very impressed by the Andes Mountain range. While you are in the middle of a big city you can raise your eyes and admire this beautiful piece of nature all around you. The landscapes are really fascinating. However I felt a little bit bothered by the air pollution and the heavy traffic due to the high number of cars and buses. But no worries, I’ll take my bike!



My first week at LBV:

I was really surprised by the warm welcome the team gave me in the first day. Everybody was nice and friendly. On the following days I had the chance to take the tours with the guides. So I could discover the city, by bike or by foot and at the same time I listened the guide’s explanations. Then they gave me diverse tasks in different areas (marketing, sell strategy, reception, etc). And it was perfect for me because it gave me a global vision of the company, so I can choose in which area I will focus my work. I really appreciate the freedom LBV gives us to choose our principal tasks according to our motivations and personal projects. I’m sure that this experience will be rewarding at both personal and professional levels!