Santiago Chile’s La Vega Central One Of The World’s Best Markets

Santiago Chile’s La Vega Central market has been named one of the top markets in the world by The Daily Meal. The market is a fantastic display of Chile’s rich agricultural bounty, receiving up to 60,000 visitors daily and expanding across over 5 square blocks in Santiago Chile’s “La Chimba” neighborhood. La Bicicleta Verde’s Locals Life and Markets Morning Tour visits the market on their morning bike tour, sampling local specialties while observing the diversity of products. The market houses thousands of individual stalls selling fruits, vegetables, meat, dairy prepared foods, dried goods, and various ethnic specialties from neighboring countries.La Vega Central

“La Vega,” as the market is popularly known is also a destination for the myriad of delicious and affordable restaurants housed throughout the complex. On a recent tour through the market the foodie haven Saveur Magazine was awed by the variety of produce and the cheap yet delicious restaurants in the complex.A trip to Santiago, Chile would not be complete without a bike tour through La Vega Central Market, and what better way to see the green produce than with a green bike from La Bicicleta Verde!