Santiago Museum Guide

Santiago is the capital of Chile and one of the biggest cities in South America, and it has a lot of museums for tourists to visit! There are many different kinds of museums including those that focus on art, history, and science. We have made a list of the most popular museums in the city with descriptions, locations, opening hours, and entry fees. We can’t wait for you to explore Santiago!

Chilean National Museum



Situated in the Plaza de Armas, the National Historical Museum exhibits the history of Chile from the Pre-Columbian era until 1973. In 15 rooms, it has an extensive collection of archaeological relics, military objects, artistic words and religious antiquities. They reveal the footsteps of collecting and hunting tribes that existed before the Incas, the path of the Spanish conquerors, as well as the evolution of the republican history until the government of Salvador Allende.


Open hours: 10am – 6:45pm Tuesday-Sunday (Closed on Mondays)

Location: Plaza de Armas 951 (metro stop: Plaza de Armas)

Cost of Entry: Free


Chilean Natural History Museum

This museum is one of the oldest natural history museums in South America. It was originally the biology and geography building of Chile, with a concentration on crops and mineral resources. Here you can also find the oldest mummies in the world. There are interactive exhibits for kids located in this family-friendly museum. Unfortunately, there are no English translations of the explanations, so a proficient level of Spanish is recommended.


Open hours: 10am – 5:30pm Tuesday-Saturday, 11-5:30pm Sunday (Closed on Mondays)

Location: Parque Quinta Normal (metro stop: Plaza de Armas)

Cost of Entry: Free


Museum of Memory and Human Rights



This museum is a great overview of recent political history in Chile and the Pinochet era. We recommend it to those who want to understand more about this topic and  The museum takes about 3 hours to go through and many people describe it as emotional and eye opening.


Open Hours: March – December: 10am-6pm Tuesday – Sunday (Closed on Mondays).

January – February: 10am-7pm Tuesday – Sunday

Location: Avenida Matucana 501 (metro stop: Quinta Normal)

Cost of Entry: Free (Audio guide $2,000 CLP)


National Museum of Fine Arts



This art museum is located in Parque Forestal, right across the river from our office, and also the starting point of our Tours4Tips city walking tours. The museum is home to many local Chilean and South American works of art including marble sculptures and oil paintings. On the other side of the building you can find the Museum of Contemporary Arts.


Open Hours: 10am-6:45pm Tuesday-Sunday (Closed on Mondays)

Location: Ismael Valdés Vergara 650 (metro stop: Bellas Artes)

Cost of Entry: Free


La Chascona



This is one of the three houses of Pablo Neruda, famous Chilean poet. The name of the house is a reference to his mistress, who also lived in this house. “Chascona” means messy hair, which characterized the appearance of his secret lover, Matilde. The house reflects Neruda’s quirky style, in particular his love of the sea, and is now a popular destination for tourists.


Open Hours: March to December: 10am-6pm Tuesday-Sunday. January and February: 10am-7pm Tuesday-Sunday (Closed on Mondays)

Location: Fernando Márquez de La Plata 0192 (metro stop: Baquedano)

Cost of Entry: General: $7,000 CLP. Reduced fees: $2, 500 CLP for students and Chilean citizens over 60


Precolumbian Art Museum


This museum showcases pre-Columbian artworks and artifacts from Central and South America. You can find a lot of ceramic and wooden items that were used for decoration, entertainment, and everyday life. You will learn about the different tribes of Latin America and Chile, and how they lived. The museum is located in the city centre.


Open hours: 10am-6pm Tuesday-Sunday (Closed Mondays)

Location: Bandera 361 (metro stop: Plaza de Armas)

Cost of Entry: Foreigners $7,000 CLP. Students $3,500 CLP. Free on the first Sunday of the month


The best way to get around Santiago to visit these museums is with our city bikes! Stop by the office, pick up your bikes and a map and start exploring the city!