Santiago Chile’s Best Day Excursions

Visit Valparaiso with Tours4Tips !

A city of 45 cerrohills, the vibrant colourful city of Valparaiso lies on the Pacific coast just an hour and a half away from the capital. Take a free Valparaiso city tour with Tours4Tips walking tour! They meet everyday at 10am and 3pm in Plaza Sotomayor and the guides wear red and white striped shirts so it’s easy to spot them! The route includes the highlights of Valparaiso, the port, the hills of Cerro Concepcion, Cerro Alegre and Cerro Bellavista, an ascensor ride and the street art, history and culture of Valparaiso Chile. Valparaiso was recently named one of the world’s happiest places and you will find out why with a great Valparaiso city tour with Tours 4 Tips!


It’s also worth mentioning that Tours 4 Tips also offers two city tours in Santiago and they meet in front of the Fine Arts Museum in Santiago. ‘Santiago Offbeat’ is everyday at 10am giving you insight into local life of Santiago Chile. ‘Santiago Highlights’ which is at 3pm everyday and takes you into downtown Santiago, showing you the main historic and political attractions of the city.

Visit the Andes Mountains with ‘AndoAndes’!

The Andes Mountain range is only a short ride away from downtown Santiago. AndoAndes shows the best that the Andes Mountains. The variety of day excursions that they offer include: Andes Day Volcano (Maipo Canyon, views of volcanoes, valleys, waterfalls), Volcano and Hotsprings (relax in the mineral waters whilst looking out over the magnificent Andes mountains), Glacier Hike (trip to ‘El Morado’ and San Francisco Glacier), Book a tour and explore the Andes with Ando Andes!

Ando Andes Excursions

Get on a Green Bike and Cycle Through the Parks!

Voted Latin America’s most bike friendly city, going out on a bike ride in Santiago is a must-do during your stay! Here at La Bicicleta Verde we rent cool Green Beach Cruiser bikes starting from just $2.000 chilean pesos! Take a ride through the beautiful green parks that provide a peaceful haven amidst the chaos of the city. Our office is situated right across from Parque Forestal, you can start your ride here, and the parks continue if you cycle straight on in the direction of the mountain range. Some of the parks you will find are: Parque de Las Esculturas which is full of great sculptures as well as green spots to sit down and relax. Parque Bicentenario is Santiago’s newest park, an ‘urban oasis’ – it is a huge green expanse with cycle lanes, gardens, a lake with flamingoes, playgrounds and views of the Costanera Centre (the tallest building in Latin America)!

Parque Bicentenario