Santiago Chile’s Coffee With Legs!

Coffee With Legs

Santiago Chile is not known for serving the highest quality coffee, but it is however famous for doing it in the sexiest way possible. The concept of Cafe Con Piernas or Coffee With Legs has been around in normally conservative Chile since the 1960’s. Innovative entrepreneurs opened cafe’s in Santiago Chile’s downtown with short skirted baristas dishing out the Chilean favorite cortado (latte). La Bicicleta Verdes Cultural Walk and Talk delves into coffee with legs, exploring the cultural implications of the scantily dressed coffee shops that dot Santiago Chile.

During the late eighties and nineties the concept was taking one step further. Brightly lit, well-windowed cafes for sophisticated businessmen also led to tinted windowed, dimly lit joints where the baristas wear even skimpier clothing. Both styles of Coffee With Legs are extremely popular in Santiago, with hundreds of cafes in the downtown area. While cruising around Santiago Chile with The Green Bike, or walking through the city with Tours 4 Tips’ Wally make sure to have a coffee break…with legs.