La Bicicleta Verde was once just a dream that owners Peter and Joel liked to entertain over beers. Once they proposed to each other that showcasing their beloved city in an ecological and unpolluted way was an actual possibility, they got to work. How could two avid cyclists take people around Santiago de Chile while not contributing to the CO2 emissions of the city? The answer was obvious: bike tours. They joined forces and immediately ventured into Santiago by bike to come up with the best cycling routes.

After teaming up with Gama Bikes, they were ready to power through the highs and lows that were sure to come. Though neither Joel nor Peter had a business background and they both agreed to be a more “go with the flow” team, they were determined and they had one thing going for them: consistency. They were set on creating an organization with an energetic and upbeat personality, and they haven’t wavered from their initial vision and values.

Joel (The Chileno Owner)

Native Chilean, father of Amalia and Joel Baltasar, creator of Faila & Martinez law firm, and bike lover. When given the proposition to leave a secure job of law and take the leap of faith with an eco-bicycle tour company in the not-so-touristy Santiago… how could Joel Martínez say no?

Peter (The Gringo Owner)

It was 2007 when Kansas-born co-owner Peter Murphy Lewis found himself in a rut, both professionally and personally. He had many past successes after studying international relations, living in Santiago, and working as a professor in different universities. Beyond academics, he felt as if he was missing a real connection with people. After working 3 jobs and pushing himself to the limits for God knows how long, an epiphany came to light in 2007: he realized drastic changes had to take place. This set the birth of La Bicicleta Verde into motion. Weeks later, he found his business partner, Joel Martinez, and together they began this journey.

La Bicicleta Verde is now more than 11 years old, and what an adventure it’s been! We are here today experiencing the life that we dreamed of and meeting new and inspiring people. In the beginning, we were torn between staying in Santiago (a city we had fallen so much in love with) and missing connections from around the world. We decided to bring the two together.

Peter and Joel are proud to provide employment and a home to a team of 40+ enthusiastic employees. Every day, they come to Santiago’s most colorful office (inside and out). This green spirit has not only touched the Chilean capital, but has also given rise to the sister company Tours4Tips, where guided free walking tours are available to everyone in Valparaíso.


Our main goal is for La Bicicleta Verde to become Chile’s #1 green tourism company by connecting you with the Chile we love, creating memories that last a lifetime, and improving the world one bike ride at a time. We want to change people’s perspective of the country and the cities where we work, Valparaíso and Santiago. We also want to transform the capital city of Chile from a “passing through” city to a destination city.


La Bicicleta Verde is an eco-conscious company who seeks to spread the importance of bike riding in Chile and, in turn, reduce carbon footprints. We want to take care of the environment and the surroundings of Santiago and Valparaíso also by using local providers like the ones you meet at Santiago’s famous food market, La Vega, or the beautiful William Fevre Vineyard. We do annual events to give back to the community of Santiago. By showing off our green bikes, together we are sending a message to Chile – be part of a sustainable wave.

We have both Spanish and English-speaking guides, attending to your needs and wishes. More than 90% of our employees are Chileans that possess a perfect eye for Santiago, Valparaíso, and Chile overall. Whether you are a backpacker doing a soul-searching journey, a family looking for special quality time, or a local wanting to know more about your own country, we aim to give you an unforgettable, exclusive experience.

With our dynamic and energetic group of skilled employees we are creating a team of empowered individuals who allow La Bicicleta Verde to be in constant progress and growth. In partnership with you, we continue striving to create the best experience you will ever have on two wheels.


We like to keep things straight forward here. This is why we have come up with the 3 Cs of our fundamental values.

Commitment to Chilean Culture

We are committed to respecting the Chilean culture and showing it off to travelers. We wish to show the true authentic Chilean culture rather than what you see on the surface. We show you the places that make this city tick. We are interested in the shoe shiners, the 5th generation lemon sellers, the open love in the parks and the street dogs that are everyone’s best friends.

Consciousness in Team Values and Sustainability

We have green bicycles for a reason. It is a sign of our dedication to the planet and the city we live in. Santiago is one of the world’s most air-polluted cities. This is primarily due to the heavy traffic. We wish to get more bums on bicycle seats and less behind steering wheels.

Contentment for the Team and the Travelers

We left a life of books and desks for a reason: people. Nothing matters more to us than our Green Team and the travelers who come to join us for adventures. We care about everyone we work with, from the suppliers (always local) to the cleaners to top management. We are a horizontal hierarchy company and have an open door policy to everyone. For us, no meeting can be important enough to not allow a knocker at the door to enter. Each individual is as important as the other.

When it comes to travelers, you have our attention from the moment you walk through our doors until its time for you to leave the city. We are not here just to sell you a tour. We are here to help you out in any way we can, whether it be directions of where to get an awesome meal or how to use the metro. As friendliness is our best policy, we love getting to know people!