When one « Marseillaise » arrives in Santiago..

Holà ! My name is Alice and here is a bit of my arrival here

View from the plane, Local time: 7:30 am


It’s time for me to do my famous post on La Bicicleta Verde’s blog.
It has now been two weeks since I’ve arrived in Santiago and more precisely at the Bicicleta Verde.
For the last two weeks, my days have been filled with discoveries about local culture and encounters within the company.

But it would obviously be a lie if I said everything was easy. It was only after living a week in a rented apartment and visiting four apartments that I finally managed to get the apartment of my dreams.
But a few days later, this apartment had reserved me some surprises….. The electric plates stopped working, electrical outlets did not work, broken rolling curtains and so on… Never forget: DO NOT PRECIPITATE to get an apartment even if you find it very beautiful.


Like a customer, when I arrived I made the tours that La Bicicleta Verde offers, which allowed me to discover Santiago.


Fortunately, the internship here is a break, every day is more than positive. This internship marks the end of my 5 years of studies in the hospitality industry. However, this internship counts for the validation of my master’s degree and it is the first time that I feel so relaxed and confident in what I can provide to my colleagues / managers.

As I have already specified to them, well-being at work is one of the values I am currently looking for.

When I talk about feeling “relaxed”, of course it doesn’t mean that I will spend the day on the boss’s couch, it just means that I feel comfortable in what I do and that every day I learn tasks that were still unknown to me.


I also think that I arrived at the right time, I was able to enjoy the Fiestas Patrias which is a big event here and have a few days off to discover Valparaiso!


Regarding my level in Spanish, I spend the day annoying my Chilean colleagues because they are using words that I don’t always understand. Most of the time and for the moment, I answer them in French to show them my dissatisfaction. It’s a joke, of course (but I really do this).
Chileans have their own way of speaking, it’s a habit to take…
One of my goal in life is to open my own establishment later, I am very happy to have landed in this company which every day teaches me to apprehend new tadventures that only a start up could have made me discover!

I just look forward to improving my Spanish quickly, discovering South America as much as possible, continuing to get up every day in order to learn a lot more and to grow up thanks to this experience on the other side of the world.