The New York Times Spends a Weekend In Santiago Chile

Not only did the New York Times’ Seth Kugel spend a weekend in Santiago Chile, he did so on the cheap. Part of the $100 Weekend Series, the writer fell in love with Santiago Chile’s beautiful museums, markets, parks and restaurants. La Vega Central market is a central stop on Local Life and Markets Morning Tour was a highlight of  the weekend.

As the name of the article shows, the weekend was an economical one. Santiago Chile’s great metro system was used to explore Chile’s capital city on the cheap. The House of Pablo Neruda, La Chascona (also a stop on the Morning Bike Tour), the Persa Bio Bio weekend flea market and the  Museo de La Memoria are all must see stops easily reached by bike. During the visit to Santiago the author also tasted some fantastic Chilean wines in one of Wally’s favorite wine bars.

Come find out why Santiago was named Latin America’s most bike friendly city and why the New York Times previously mentioned La Bicicleta Verde as the way to discover the hidden gems of Santiago on two wheels.

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