Our Mission Statement

Our company’s mission is to work to be ambassadors of the good natured Chilean identity. We believe that it is the Chilean people who make this country so memorable, and that it is thanks to them that this company is possible.

About Us

La Bicicleta Verde was once just a dream that owners Peter and Joel liked to entertain over beers. Once they proposed to each other that showcasing their beloved city in an ecological and unpolluted way was an actual possibility, they got to work. How could two avid cyclists take people around Santiago de Chile while not contributing to the CO2 emissions of the city? The answer was obvious: bike tours. They joined forces and immediately ventured into Santiago by bike to come up with the best cycling routes.

After teaming up with GAMA BIKES, they were ready to power through the highs and lows that were sure to come. Though neither Joel nor Peter had a business background and they both agreed to be a more “go with the flow” team, they were determined and they had one thing going for them: consistency. They were set on creating an organization with an energetic and upbeat personality, and they haven’t wavered from their initial vision and values.


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