Maxi first week !

Hey everyone!

You wanna hear how it is to work as an intern at La Bicicleta Verde?

Well hear we go with my first week.

First impression so far: I’m already loving it and I think that those upcoming 5 months will be a very good and informative experience for me personally, as well as to expand my professional knowledge.

But let me start by introducing myself first.

My name is Maximiliane, I’m originally from a small village near Munich, in the south of Germany. Studying European Business in Regensburg gave me the chance to live abroad quite a while during my studies. So that is also a reason why I ended up here, in Santiago de Chile. This internship is part of my university program. Before, I had to do one year of studies at my partner uni and afterwards an internship of 5 months in Bilbao, Spain.

I came to Santiago 10 days before duty was calling, which was perfect to enter my flat in a student housing and spend some time with Chilean friends at the beach. Cause guys you must know that I have been in Santiago before, three years ago and I was so excited to come back to this beautiful place.

It is so much fun to walk around the city, rediscovering familiar places and observing some changes. Did it change ? What’s the same ? How has Santiago developed ?

One change that I could notice, was a direct hint on why I chose in the end the right company to fulfil my internship. Can you guess what I am talking about? All the bikers in the city! I could observe much more Chileans on their bike, cruising around, than I had in mind three years ago. And indeed! The bike can be such a nice and comfortable alternative to other public transportation, as the unbelievable full metro every morning during rush hour.

The welcoming at La Bicicleta Verde’s office was very kind. You could feel from the beginning on that the atmosphere in between the team is fantastic. The office is full of happy life, to describe it. Good vibes mean good work 😊 Since I am so bad with names, remembering all of them was quite hard. The thing I love, is that we are such an international team with different cultural backgrounds. People obviously from Chile, but also from France, Italy, Poland, Finland, USA, Australia etc. It’s exciting and fun getting to know all of my colleagues.

The first week was basically all about getting to know the company, the people and making sure what your work will be about. Quite overwhelming, but very exciting. I got the chance to take all our tours and enjoy these hours as a random tourist in Santiago. All of them are definitely recommendable and I learned a lot of new facts about Chile and its history! Moreover, all the other interns trained me on different programs to get started for the next upcoming months. Oh, and the famous Thursday Techo Night was also part of my first week. There is a fun tradition to go every Thursday to this restaurant (called Techo) as an afterwork meetup. A nice way to connect with everyone also outside of work, spending a good night together.

The week couldn’t have been better and I am super excited about my stay in Chile, as well as doing my internship at La Bicicleta Verde!