Manon’s first week at La Bicicleta Verde

Hello everyone, my name is Manon.

I have just started my six-month internship at
La Bicicleta Verde. I come from France, near Paris and I am currently studying at a business school in Lyon. Going to Chile for six months is a challenge for me because it is the first time that I have traveled so far from France, by myself, and for so many months. I chose to do my internship in Chile in order to practice both my English and Spanish and of course to experience — la buena onda — (the good vibes) of the Chilean people.

My first days in Santiago

My flight was quite exhausting because I had to make a stopover in Rome so the whole journey lasted 19 hours in total! Finally, I landed in Santiago and then had to go through customs and the line was the longest I have ever seen in my life. I took a taxi to go to my hostel and through the window, I could discover the city, where I was going to be living in for the next six months: lots of colors, street art and there were people everywhere! I was surprised to see so many dogs in the streets, but they are all very quiet and they like escorting you for some time. The noise surprised me too. People like listening to music so, at night, we can hear music in many places and it is not easy to sleep but I guess I can get used to it. 

In the beginning, I decided to stay at the Hostel Providencia (a youth hostel) to meet people and to be able to visit collocations. The first day, I found my room in a collocation: I will be in a big house, with a nice patio, with six other girls coming from the United States, the Netherlands, and France. I am looking forward to meeting my new roommates.

About the city

The day after my arrival, I decided to discover the city so I climbed to the top of the famous hill, Cerro San Cristobal. It is 850 m tall and has the most wonderful view of Santiago. In the background, we can see the beautiful Andes mountains. It was very challenging to get to the top but once I arrived there, I was amazed by the view. 


La Bicicleta Verde


I began my internship three days after my arrival in Chile. On the first day, I met the team and everyone has been really friendly and welcoming. I immediately thought that it would be very nice to work in this atmosphere. What I like about the office is that the people come from all over the world: Scotland, England, the United States, France… and of course Chile. It is so pleasant to talk to the Chilean guides especially when they chat about their own experiences and families. I have started to learn how to complete rentals and all the software used in the company, but I still need to improve.


The first week, I had the chance to do the tours in order to be able to speak with the customers about them, such as : 


All the tours are very pleasant with lots of interesting information. 


I’ve learned so many things that I did not know about the history of Chile. I was particularly impressed to discover the markets : I wanted to taste it all because it smelled so nice! I definitely should do my shopping there. So the first week is quite overwhelming but it is also very exciting!  I am sure that I will love my internship at La Bicicleta Verde and learn many things.