Liquid earthquakes, a great memory of Valpo, an open air museum


October 10-24

There are two types of earthquake in Chile, in Valparaíso you have the opportunity to try out the pleasant one. Moreover, don’t miss out on a museum where sky is the limit and find out where you can buy unique Chilean souvenirs for that extra special person.


Open Air museum

This museum does not have any walls and is completely open, therefore the name  Museo a Cielo Abierto (Open air Museum). It consists of 20 large paintings on walls of houses, buildings and slopes of the Bellavista hill. The idea of creating this museum originated in 1969 when art students of the Universidad Católica started to put their work on the walls of houses as well as the hills. This lasted until 1990 when the students decided to invite well-known Chilean artists to put their work on the walls and stairs. Clear the decks for an outstanding walk through this open air museum.


19th century Valpo in the palm of your hands

Photography fanatics and souvenir hunters should not forget to visit photographer Alberto Lagos. His store is also a laboratory where he develops pictures that are processed by using an ancient technique from the 19th century which involves printing the photos on cloth. You will find gorgeous and striking portraits of the port in different sizes and prices that are easy to take home.
Hiperfocal. Lautaro Rosas 392. Open 7 days per week 11AM-6PM.

Liquid earthquakes

The earth moves in Chile and not only from inside but also from outside. On the outside you can find the Chilean drink terremoto.  Try it out, but with moderation, this famous and strong drink is based on pipeño (typical Chilean wine) pineapple ice cream and some pinches of bitter liquor. The effect of this drink is comparable to strong tectonic movement but if you can’t feel the movement, you can get another one. Below you can find a small selection of the best places to try it…
El Gato en la Ventana (Cumming 113), a classic bar where you can find folk music from the Andes and Latin America accompanied by a variety of terremotos with different ingredients and flavours.
Mi Casa (Cumming 29), Entertaining-Cheap-Cool, you can’t miss out on this bar where some of the best first porteñas (people from the port) enjoyed their drinks.
Bar Liberty (Almirante Riveros 9) This was the first bar in Valparaíso founded in 1897. Pay attention to the collection of more than 500 sombreros and hats that were donated by hundreds of clients that visited this bar.