Ski or bike to dance the cold away! Activities Santiago July 10-17

Snow + Andes = Ski + Snowboard

If you look at the mountains and feel VERY far away, you are VERY wrong: in just one hour you can enjoy an awesome day in the snow! We recommend going with Chilextremo who goes up to Centro de Ski Valle Nevado everyday (departure 7:30AM from Dominica 25). Cost is US$146 for round trip transportation, lift ticket for the mountain, and ski or snowboard equipment. For an extra cost you can arrange a hotel pickup, rent winter clothes, or take a ski or snowboard lesson. With Miércoles Po you can go every Wednesday and Friday to Valle Nevado. For US$112 you get transportation, lift ticket, equipment, lunch, and a ski or snowboard lesson.


Mundo Moreno

If you go for a walk to Barrio Lastarria you must visit Plop!, an art gallery featuring works of illustration, cartoon, and graphics. This week is the Piel Oscura  exhibition by Cecilia Toro and Karina Cocq who reflect on the ethnic and socio-cultural identity of Chile. Meanwhile, Gabriel Pacheco manages to bring us to a state of profound contemplation with works that emanate silence and privacy.

PLOP! Galería. Merced 349, Nº 7. FREE. Monday to Sunday 11AM to 8:30PM.

Tropical Birthday Weekend

Club Subterráneo has prepared an unforgettable night (11PM. $4.000. Orrego Luco 46) for this Friday the 11th to celebrate one more year of life and vacation time for all university students. The captain of this party will be DJ Juan J Beatz together with Chico Tropical, C-Funk, Four-D, DJ Heiser, DJ Darse and DJ Daz. Saturday the 12th in La Peña de Nano Parra (11PM. $2.000. Ernesto Pinto Lagarrigue 80) will be an unstoppable and tropical night. Azúcar Milagro, La Culebrera, Opción Marginal and Nano Parra will light up the night!

Nights on Fire in Bellavista
Every night is on fire at Maestra Vida(11PM. Pío Nono 380) and Thursday the 17th will be no exception. Prepare your best dance moves because they organized a Timba Latina that will be fired up until dawn! 

An oasis in the city

We invite you to “La Pequeña Providencia”, an area of old historic homes where the spirit of the neighborhood still breathes. Take Green Bicycle and pedal along the Río Mapocho towards the mountains. The first stop: fill your stomach with a delicious shawarma or an enormous salad at Wayos Gyros (corner of Román Díaz and Nueva Providencia). Continue pedaling until Sernatur, the Chilean tourism office and where Wally goes every time he needs some info! Bike along Santa Beatriz, continue on Pérez Valenzuela and lose yourself along Cirujano Guzmán or General Flores. Itching for a coffee? Faustina is an Italian cafe with discounts for cyclists, try the Caramel Latte with a delicious cannolis (Andrés Bello 2177). Upon returning, don’t forget passing through the Puente de los Enamorados (Lovers Bridge) that crosses the Río Mapocho close to Metro Salvador and bring a lock…why? Couples leave a lock here as a symbol of their love…who knows if in Chile you might your little cupid? Rent a bike for 4 hours for CLP$5.000. Loreto 6, 7 days a week. 022-7375649