How To Get To Your Hotel/Hostel/AirBnB In Santiago From The Airport

Wondering how to get to your hotel/hostel/AirBnB in Santiago from the airport? It’s easier than you think!

One of the most frequently asked questions we get in our office is, “How do I get from Point A to Point B in Chile?” The good news is you have options – reliable ones, too.

Airport Transfers


One of the most reliable companies we recommend to travelers coming to Santiago for transfers to and from the Santiago airport is TransVIP. You can choose from a taxi ejecutivo (a private taxi for up to 3 people), a transfer exclusivo (private transportation for parties larger than 3 or 4), or -the most economic option- the transfer compartido (a shared bus-like van with comfy seats and ample space to put your luggage). The transfer compartido costs a modest $7.000 CLP which is somewhere around $10.00 USD. The ride lasts approximately 1 hour and 40 minutes (with stops to pick up/drop off other passengers).
A taxi ejecutivo or a transfer exclusivo will be more on the pricey side (anywhere from $18.000-$27.000 CLP), but will provide you with the comfort and privacy of a more intimate transfer experience. These rides are also more direct since they do not stop to pick up passengers as often as a transfer compartido, so you’ll be looking at a 50 minute ride instead of an hour and 40 minute ride. (Note: Prices and times are subject to variation depending on where you are staying in Santiago. All of the data outlined here is based on a transfer from the airport to Santiago Centro.)

Another great option for airport transfers if you are not afraid of becoming immediately familiar with the city’s public transportation system is a company called Centropuerto, a hybrid commercial bus and public transportation company. These buses leave every 10 minutes from the airport with a final destination to Metro Station Los Héroes (Line 1) and from Los Héroes (Line 1) to the airport. The total cost of a two-way ticket is an affordable $3.200 CLP.


Getting to Viña and Valparaíso

From Santiago, the easiest and most economic option to get to the beloved port cities are by taking Line 1 (Red Line) of the Metro to Pajaritos Station and then hopping on a commercial bus at the terminal right inside of the same Metro station. Two of the most known and most reliable bus companies are Turbus and Pullman. A one way ticket will cost around $3.500 CLP per person (around $4 or $5 USD) and buses leave from the terminals every 15-20 minutes. You can check our blog post for more details. 

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