Meet our green gurus

Louise, Guide Manager in Maipo Valley & Santiago


From California to Chile in January 2012, Louise decided that she wanted to share her love for this country with others, and since then has been a fundamental part of our team. If you meet her and are able to decipher her speedy Spanglish, she will love to share her knowledge of music, bars and social movements of Chile.

Alonso, Green Guru in Maipo Valley & Santiago


Originally from Iquique, Alonso arrived in Santiago to study at the university and fell in love with the city. He loves sharing his passion for Santiago and Latin American history to visitors on our green bikes. He enjoys playing music with his band but also getting away from the bustling city for some relaxation time at the coast !

Hector, Green Guru in Santiago


Originally from the mountains of Venezuela, Hector arrived in Chile a few years ago, and now feels fully Chilean! Besides leading tours, Hector loves talking about politics, riding his bike, eating at La Vega, and taking walks with his adopted dog, Nemo.

Marcela, Green Guru in Santiago


Marcela joined the green team due to her enthusiasm for biking and her desire to have a cleaner Santiago. She wants to live a kind life, both for the planet and its people.

She loves sharing her passion with Santiago with all visitors who pass by.

Max, Green Guru in Santiago


Max is a native Chilean, born in Arica, right up in the north but has also spent many years living in the south! He recently came to Santiago in search of new opportunities. As well as being a guide, Max is also a political scientist and a musician. He loves underground parties, creating his own style and eating at diners !

Stefano, Green Guru in Santiago


An original Santiaguino who loves this city as it has everything anyone could possibly want! When Stefano is not studying architecture at the university, he enjoys showing off this fun city to travellers. For him, La Bicicleta Verde is one of the few tour companies that shows tourists the real Santiago and the team at LBV is like a second family for Stefano !

Iggy, Green Guru in Santiago


Iggy was born and raised in Santiago so she is an original Santiaguina! She joined the green team in 2017 and is now one of green guru’s. She loves to discover new things about the city and believes that it is possible with La Bicicleta Verde’s tours! She enjoys walking her dog, and discovering new picadas (diners!) Join us before your tour starts, Iggy would love to introduce herself fully !