Meet our green guru's

Louise, Guide Manager

From California to Chile in January 2012. She decided she wanted to share the love she had for the country with others, and since then she has been a fundamental part of our team. If you meet her and are able to decipher her speedy Spanglish, she will share all her knowledge of music, bars and social movements of Chile.

Marcela, Green Guru

Marcela joined the team due to her enthusiasm for biking and her desire to have a cleaner Santiago. She wants to live a kind life, both to the planet and its people. She began as a green guru early 2015, and was offered the job as a Customer Service Manager. She now works as a guide, sharing her passion with Santiago with all visitors who pass by.

Hector, Green Guru Santiago

Originally from the mountains of Venezuela, Hector arrived in Chile a few years back, and now feels fully Chilean! Besides leading tours, Hector loves talking about politics, riding his bike, eating at La Vega, and taking walks with his adopted dog, Nemo.

Karla, Green Guru Santiago

Karla moved to Chile from Venezuela. It’s hard to have a conversation with Karla without laughing your socks off. She’s always cracking a joke and looking on the bright side of life, when she’s not chilling with her adopted quiltro, Rojo. Any tour with this hilarious, clever, colorful, and creative greenie is an unforgettable experience.

Carlos, Green Guru Santiago

Carlos is a man of many talents. Primarily, knowing everything about Santiago, backwards and forwards. He is an expert! There are few things he loves in life more than his 2 cats, a cold beer, too many hours in bed and helping travelers discover Santiago. Everything else is just ‘alright.’

Patrick, Green Guru Santiago

Originally from Australia, Patrick loves bike riding, traveling, designing, illustrating, languages and acrobatics. All these passions collided in 2014 and resulted in projects publishing a Chilean language and food guide, a coffee route guide, a Santiago city guide, and a job with La Bicicleta Verde. Now, he loves cycling through the city and markets, and helping travelers find their way to the prettiest, tastiest and liveliest places, and to learn the history of this lovely city that has become his home.

Camille, Green Guru Cousiño Macul

This lovely Canadian came to Chile a few years ago and she fell for the people and the city. She speaks three different languages; French, English and CHILEAN. Actually, she speaks Chilean as if she had been born here! Don’t miss the chance to interrogate her about one of many interests; feminism, movies, fixing bikes, and cats. She happily shares those passions with anyone lucky enough to take a tour with her.

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