General Cemetery of Santiago Named One Of World’s Most Scenic Cemeteries

Cementerio General Santiago

The General Cemetery of Santiago was named one of the worlds 10 most scenic cemetery by CNN Travel. The website awed at the expansive cemetery, over 210 acres of Chilean history, culture and politics. Visitors to Santiago Chile won’t believe the ornate mausoleums and temples dedicated to important Chilean figures, as well as the Monument to the Disappeared which honors those executed and disappeared under the Pinochet Dictatorship.

Tours 4 Tips morning “Santiago Offbeat,” Free Walking Tour is the only Santiago walking tour that visits the General Cemetery of Santiago. Your Wally Guide will lead you through the impressive cemetery grounds that is the resting place for all but three Chilean Presidents, including the grave of Salvador Allende. Reserve your tour and find Wally at the Fine Arts Museum every day of the year and get ready to visit one of the 10 most scenic cemeteries in the entire world!

 via CNN Travel