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Our company’s mission is to work to be ambassadors of the good living and Chilean identity, an idea that is applied to all of our activities. We believe that it is the Chilean people who make this country so memorable, and that it is thanks to them that this company is possible.

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La Bicicleta Verde was becoming more than just a dream. Peter and Joel were going to showcase their beloved city in an ecological and unpolluted way while doing what they loved most… CYCLING. They joined teams and ventured into Santiago by bike to come up with the best cycling routes. They were missing just one thing… bicycles. The answer to that came from GAMA BIKES. Now  they had 10 bicycles, 1 route and an eagerness that was going to POWER THEM THROUGH THEIR STRUGGLES and highs of the following years. Neither Joel nor Peter had a business background so no initial business plan was created. They were more “go with the flow” than “but what does it mean for business equity” kind of guys. But one thing has always been intact: their initial VISION AND VALUES, the young/ fun personality and culture of the organization.


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