Going to South America to do an internship : Done

Holaaa it’s Mouna from Morocco and here is the story of my internship in Santiago de Chile.

Well, let’s introduce myself: Mouna, 21 years old, a Moroccan who live in France. It’s a very brief description isn’t it? So let’s talk more about me . After living 20 years in Morocco, I left my lovely country to go to France to study in a business school . And for an internship to do abroad, I have found myself in Chile.

In my whole life I didn’t travelled so much so I was not excited to come simply because I didn’t realised it. But as soon as I arrived in Santiago, I’ve watched a video about Chile in the plane where I have seen all the beautiful country landscapes and I told to myself : Mouna you will live such an amazing trip during this internship and you’re very lucky!!!


Day 1 :  It’s Already My First Day Of Work !

So here we are : the 09/07/18. I am in the front of the office of La Bicicleta Verde and I am ready to start my work. I had a lot of apprehensions about this internship because it’s the first time that I will work.

Julie, my internship supervisor received me and she explained  the most important things that I should know about the company, she also gave me a training of the software that use the company to  organise itself . And on the afternoon, i just went with the guides of tours4tips the sister company of La Bicicleta Verde to do the tour of the afternoon. During this visit, I learned a lot about Chile which I didn’t know much about it, so now the Chile’s political and religious sides have no secrets for me.


Day 2 : Still Discovering Santiago

So here is a new day for me. I will do another tour with the guides to discover a new side of Santiago. And yes this is a really different side. Let me explain : So when I arrived here I just visited the European side of Santiago, its building, its huge avenues and its skyscrapers, but I didn’t see the traditional side of it.

In this visit I felt myself at home, I just felt that I am with simple people who always smile at your face and try to help you if you have a problem. I have seen simplicity and felt warm in people.


Day 3 : Start Working Seriously :

It’s good to do visits and to discover the city but I think it’s time to start thinking of work … So today is for me the day in which I really worked because I have made a marketing strategy for social networks and I really liked this. When I was at the business School I already knew that Marketing was my favourite subject and I would like to work in that field in the future . So by doing this task that Julie gave me, I realised that I really loved that and I wanted to develop skills in that field.

Today is finally WORK TIME! I will be focusing on Social Media and how to increase La Bicicleta Verde online presence. Awesome! And exactly what I wanted to learn.


Day 4: Me And The Customers ??

Did I ever talked about the reception? It’s time to do it because today is my turn to take care of the customers and see how much I can be comfortable with them.

So with the first ones it was a little bit difficult because I think that my english sometimes play hide and seek with me. But when the seconds come, I was more relaxed and I really talked to them as I knew them for so long.

After this little experience in the reception, I went outside to do the same for Tours4Tips, and then I realised that I was talking too much with the customers : yes suddenly my english decided to appear.


Day 5 : First Week End After Working

Finally weekend !! Today I decided to go to Costanera center: the tallest building in South America to discover it and also because I missed doing shopping.

And after spending the whole day in the mall, I went to party after.

I’m a big fan of Reggaeton and I was impatient to see Chilean parties . I have also heard a lot about piscola and I wanted to try it, the result is that I 100% recommend it to you.