Marie’s First Month at La Bicicleta Verde

¡Hola a todos!

Let’s start with the basics about me 😊. My name is Marie. I’m half Lebanese half French, and I decided to move out and start my own life, after studying political science in Lebanon. With the current situation in my country, it wasn’t the best moment to be involved with politics.
Why Chile? Well, my French and Lebanese background made it the perfect place for me, with all the chill people, beautiful nature, good food and wine, crazy music and parties, and the modern infrastructure. Searching for a cool experience and wanting to become a fully integrated Santiaguina, I found La Bicicleta Verde: my new family!

Because of my Arab side, when I first heard “ La Bicicleta Verde,” I was like oohh of course, the movie La Bicicleta Verde–the first movie written by a saudi woman on how women in Arab countries are forbidden to ride bikes.

But obviously not, I actually landed in a place full of Wallies:

In this sea of Wallies, now it’s more like “find Marie!”
Then the Greenies arrived. They’re the crazy Peeps.

There are many more introductions to do, but I prefer to keep some surprise 😉
What is an internship like at la Bicicleta Verde ?

A lot of practicing your English and Spanish, riding bikes often, meeting people from abroad everyday, and being social and determined. You also handle many different projects that are always super interesting to do, such as marketing, making travel itineraries, creating city tours,  and TV Show launchings and promotion (and much, much more!). The best part is, you don’t have to stay at the office all day! You get to go to hostels and try to pick up travelers for “Tours4Tips”, help tourists with wine tours , and rent bikes. On Friday, to celebrate the beginning of the weekend, we all go to “el techo” to drink some well-deserved, fresh beer!  In short, if you want to have the best professional experience and work in an eco friendly and VERY friendly environment: La Bicicleta verde it is!