The Comeback Kid – Manon’s First Week in Chile

Manon’s First Week in Chile

What do you get if you put a Dutch person and a bike together? Right, true love. So that’s what I, Manon, thought when applying at La Bicicleta Verde. I have been rocking this planet for 23 years. As I grew up in a small town on the South-West coast in The Netherlands, I have always felt I should see more. So that’s what I did; since my seventeenth birthday, I have worked in France, Spain, Turkey and now I’m in Chile for the second time. I have a small fascination for palm trees and mountains, so in case you see a European-looking girl walking through Santiago with tattoos of that; it’s probably me. Other than that, you can find me in the office at Bicicleta Verde as I’m part of the Promotions & Research team. I’ll do the best I can to spread my creative mind around the office and deliver a kick-ass bachelor thesis.

The first week has been pretty loca  as I moved around, all over the office as a true nomad.  Although I felt pretty slammed every day I arrived home, the work I had to do gave me a lot of energy during the day. I love to be busy and I have a hard time sitting still. I know what you think right now; ‘but aren’t you in office the whole day?’ Almost the whole day, but I find my creative ways. Walking around in my lunch break, enjoying a true Chilean jugo. It is great to be back, and although I have learned a lot of the Chilean culture last year, it didn’t stop there. I’ve learned so many new words from the amazing Chilenos at our reception. The vibe here is great, no strong hierarchy and as an intern you get already so much responsibility and freedom. Just what I need, as one of my stronger points is being the freedom lancer. Cachaí?