Finding Housing in Santiago de Chile

Are you Coming to Chile and looking for a place in Santiago ?

Don’t worry, I know feeling… Settling into a new city is always very exciting experience … Although, let’s be honest, it can be a bit tricky at first.

Where to live in Santiago ? With whom ? How much does it cost ? How to look for a cool apartment ? … So many unanswered questions that can lead to stressful first days for some of us. However, RELAX, I have zero doubt you’re going to find the perfect place in Santiago. There is pretty much EVERYTHING one wishes for in a flat from quiet studios to huge student housing. At La Bicicleta Verde, we all found a place to call home, now we’re here to help.

How Can I Find A Place ?

1 – The most common option (and trust me, the best way) to look for a place are Facebook Groups : Room Mate and Flat Finder & Room Mate and Flat Finder Chile. Just post what you’re looking for (Location, Price Range & more) and people will just reach out to you. You will get around 25+ (dependant on the season) people offering me places and 10+ cool Chileans friend requests just to offer some help (Yes, that’s how they roll here)!

2 – The other option is Compartodepto which litteraly means “share flat”. Register for free, describe yourself and what you’re looking and …you’re IN ! You can either use the “Buscar” button (“Research”) and look for a flat or wait for people to reach out to you !

3 – Craigslist  – Is not as good as it is in the states but people do post regularly and you may find something on the off chance here.

4 – Are you here for only a few months? One of the best most cost effective way to stay is in a Monthly Airbnb. It’s a new website and they give great deals for people wanting to stay a few months. This is a very trustworthy site and there are many central locations.

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5 –  YAPO is a website in chile which people sell/ buy and rent things out. There is a housing section on this also and it’s a great site to know while you are here in Chile.

6 – Room  is a property rental and management agency that rents luxury apartments and rooms in a shared apartment in different parts of Santiago, Chile. They are a favorite choice for expats, exchange students, startup Chile participants and others due to the simple requirements (advance rent payment, security deposit and and very competitive commission) they ask for rent. A great website to check out!

Should I Look Before Coming ?

You definitely don’t need to. However if it make you feel better and less stressed to figure it out before hand… go for it! Sometimes you can build a relationship before and have a Skype and that may put you ahead of others looking.

First few days you can check into a central hostel or Airbnb to give yourself somewhere to sleep while you look around the apartments you liked the most.  We recommend Hostel Providencia.

Where Should I Live ?

Take few days to explore and understand the city and know your way around before settling for a district. In a huge city like Santiago, many questions arose when having to chose for the perfect Barrio. I would say it depends on where you work/study, transportation, which kind of atmosphere you like, etc. If you want to know more about the BEST BARRIOS of Santiago, click HERE !  You can check out the map here of all the main Barrios in Santiago to get an idea.

How Much Does It Cost ?

On average, renting a room in Santiago will cost around $200.000/250.000 CLP ($300 – $375). Most of the rooms are already furnished. Just keep in mind that Chile has one of the highest cost of living in South America. Hence, you might want to check other daily costs before making up your mind. Prices also vary depending on Barrios. Very hip neighbourhoods such as Lastarria can cost a pretty penny more. You can head down to the slightly grungyer side of Barrio Brazil and pay a little less.

How To Get Around ?

Bike: We recommend using our bicycles here. Obviously being very careful to take good care of them and having them locked up at all times. There are many cycle tracks through the city on roads and also in parks that are functioning very well. Most houses have space inside to store bicycles on hooks so you can have a floating bicycle!


Metro: Is another good and affordable way of getting around. Just try to avoid it at peak times 8 – 9 am and then 6 – 8 pm (depending on which direction you are going) You can purchase a Bip card which you can charge and use on all the metros and buses.

Happy House Hunting! 

Any questions concerning VISA before coming to Chile? Click here to find out everything you should know!

The La Bicicleta Verde Team!