Where to find the best souvenirs in San Pedro de Atacama?

Fernando Alfaro

From the fifth region of Chile, the Professor of Fine Arts moved to San Pedro de Atacama and dedicated his time to study ceramics and techniques, especially those used by the Lickanantai, the local indigenous people from more than 1500 years ago. Its cultural recovery can be seen in the pieces that reproduce this ancient art, including pottery, tablets for hallucinogens and musical instruments and shows changes in these pieces over time.

Street Calama

Ablets Used For Inhalation Of Hallucinogenic Powders







Carmen Santibañez

Native of Bolivia, dedicated to textile work from spinning wool to producing articles like vests, ponchos, hats and more. His work is done in the same workshop in craft village, next to the bus station in San Pedro.

His specialty is llama, alpaca and sheep. Llama wool is not as smooth as alpaca, but just as light and warm so totally recommended, because it’s a unique product made with love and hands of an artisan.















Desert Image

This is a workshop of 4 artists based in San Pedro, their works are inspired by life in the wilderness, nature, colors, shapes. They share this space to give importance to the work and enhance the delicate work.

Located on Calle Caracoles 101-D and open every day except Tuesday. The artists themselves usually attend so they can talk about their work and its meaning.