Fiesta de la Vendimia in Pirque

Can’t make the Fiesta de la Vendimia en Pirque, don’t worry check out La Bicicleta Verde’s bike and wine tour!

Fiesta de la Vendimia in Pirque

Place: Las Majadas de Pirque

Date: ONLY 27th and 28th April

Time: 11:30

Cost: More of a luxury experience.. Tickets or packages to the event are available!

Las Majadas de Pirque is hosting a celebration of the first ‘Vendimia’ in Santiago. You are probably wondering what is a ‘vendimia’? Even as an ‘intermediate’ Spanish speaker and (yes, I use the term intermediate lightly!), I had no clue what the word meant, until someone said the word cosecha. Vendimia means wine harvest, which may not be a keyword to learn in Spanish, but it’s definitely an important one for the Chileans this month.


The first harvest of the vineyards were celebrated in 1551, 10 years after Pedro de Valdivia founded the city of Santiago. The harvest or vendimia is still celebrated almost 500 years later. The Spanish first celebrated the harvest of this country, by sending a huge amount of grapes back to Spain. This year, Las Majadas de Pirque, a palatial castle just on the outskirts of bustling Santiago, is hosting a celebration of the Vendimia, which makes the beginning of history for Chilean wine. The first harvest took place in Maipo Valley, the closest secret oasis vineyard to Santiago.


Wine is a big part of Chilean culture, as this celebration gives the winemakers an opportunity to show off their produce. The Maipo Valley is known for producing several varieties of wine, but most famously for Cabernet Sauvignon so give it a try when you are here!


The main event of La Vendimia is celebrated at the end of the month, 27th and 28th April. The festivities celebrate taste, wine and music, as 20 different vineyards partake in the event. It’s an opportunity to learn more about Chilean and its history, so close to Santiago!


However, if you are not here in Santiago this weekend, but are still interested in how the wine produced in Chile and want to try some – don’t worry, check out La Bicicleta Verde’s bike and wine tour. 


The renowned vineyard William Fevre is taking part in the Vendimia 1551, which is the same vineyard you will visit on our bike and wine tour to have wine tastings!


Who is the Fiesta de Vendimia in Pirque perfect for?

Wine lovers, who are willing to spend that bit extra to attend for the full busy weekend. People who have longer than 1 or 2 days in Santiago, before moving to their next location.


My tips for La Vendimia:

  • Use uber/taxis – Best not to drive after having a few copas de vino! Don’t worry he tastings are at the end of our bike tour!
  • Try the wine, try as many as you can  – you won’t be able to experience it anywhere else! Especially the Carmenere, which is a Chilean speciality – I highly recommend it. Even if you are not a wine connoisseur, try all the different types. Whether you like red or white, try as many as you can!
  • Try, try, try and then BUY! Take some bottles home with you – whether you enjoy them back at the hotel or pack them carefully in your suitcase.


Who is La Bicicletas Verde’s bike and wine tour for?


Everyone! Whether you are a wine lover or a person who enjoys an occasional glass, without knowing how it was made before you bought it at the supermarket! If you are in Santiago for a short while during the week, who wants to spend just a couple of hours learning and trying famous Chilean wine!


Everything you need to know for our bike and wine tour:

How to book? Very easily through LA BICICLETA VERDE website or in their office on LORETO 6

Where? As the Maipo Valley is still located within Santiago’s metropolitan region, the meeting point LAS MAJADAS DE PIRQUE. At the metro station, Las Mercedes, take a taxi to get to LAS MAJADAS DE PIRQUE where you’ll meet your green guru, your guide!

What time? The tour is available twice a day (Monday, Wednesday, Friday – 9am & 1pm, Tuesday and Thursday – 10am & 2pm). The wine tour is a half-day experience so it lasts approx. 2.5-3 hours

How much? The bike and wine tour costs USD$65/ CLP$40.000, which includes the bikes with helmets, four wine tastings at the renowned William Fevres Vineyard and of course your bilingual green guru!