Dude looks like Steven Tyler – How Green Bikes rock n’ rolled Santiago

October 3rd started like every other: with snoozing for half an hour, getting up, taking a shower, having a quick instant coffee and pulling on my green t-shirt.  And, of course, heading to the La Bicicleta Verde office a few blocks away, where I’m doing my internship. After becoming a Greenie, I very fast got used to people coming and going in and out of the office, some selecting rad helmets for a city bike tour, others heading off for a bike and wine tour. And then there are private tours, rentals, bike delivery, meetings, trainings… you get the idea. A lot of traffic and action and that specific day was in no way different.
By 5 PM the afternoon had rolled in and we were expecting the last city tour groups to arrive back to the Green Office within a half an hour, when we heard a knock on the door. “Wow, they shouldn’t be back yet”, I thought to myself. The door opened and for a moment I really thought the fourth cup of coffee had been too much and messed up my senses. It took me about three seconds to realise Steven Tyler from Aerosmith was standing there with his crew!
Quickly I told myself to stop staring and start believing my eyes. What was he doing here?! Is that an impersonator or is it really him? Yep, It turned out it was him, alive and well in his trademark blue denim flare jeans and pink t-shirt! I knew Aerosmith was in town for a gig, but what I didn’t know was that they had been looking for something cool to and decided to get to know the city on two wheels (there’s no better way by the way, if you ask me). Need proof? Check out this video of Steven cruising down the lanes and parks on his green machine:

So the crew got into the office and stayed and chatted for a little while. They were really cool, visibly excited about having cruised around the town and extremely rock n’ roll from head to toe (obvio po’). I can definitely say they made all of our day one to remember.
What an honour indeed! Not necessarily because these guys are huge rock stars and celebrities but more because they’ve probably seen and experienced it all and yet they chose to get around the city, not in a fancy limousine but instead pedalling like so many of us in Santiago nowadays.   
And me, well I put on my ice cool face but inside I was again that 9-year-old singing I don’t wanna miss a thing with made up lyrics and a shampoo bottle as a microphone.
Returning the green bikes
But wait… Did everyone in the office know about this, except me? Before I dove deeper into conspiracy theories, I was told that it was not the first time a world class rock star would pay a visit to the La Bicicleta Verde office, as Sir Paul McCartney had pedalled with us some years earlier. Obviously these special cases are well kept secrets and for a good reason: I could only imagine our little corner office filling up with Blue Army people and all those moms and daughters going crazy over Mr. Tyler, had the word got out.
This all really reinforces what we at La Bicicleta Verde feel is really awesome about biking in Santiago, the same thing we want to show to travellers visiting the city; how riding around the streets and parks is for everyone, from grandpas to kids to Finnish interns to steventylers and paulmccartnies. Having the liberty to explore and travel independently, feeling a refreshing breeze on your face while reducing your carbon footprint… The only chains that set you free are those of a bicycle, right?
So what happened after? Well, The Aerosmith tour rumbled to neighbouring Argentina, our bikes were checked and stored for the next users and I danced my way home that day. Just another day at the office, uh?
…cause even when I dream of you/
The Swedish dream will never do/
I still miss you baby/
And I don’t wanna miss a thiiiiii-iiing/’
¡Hasta luego!