Diana’s first week at LBV!

¡Hola a todos!

Let’s start with basics about me. My name is Diana. I’m Polish but, actually, I live and study in Scotland. Studying International Tourism Management at the 3rd year, I got that great opportunity to do my 6-month internship in La Bicicleta Verde – the most colourful (and green) company I have ever seen!

Why La Bicicleta Verde?

The decision to come here was not obvious for me at the beginning, because I do not speak Spanish and vision of living in the country where people speak mostly only Spanish terrified me in some way. But one day, I decided to put all my eggs in one basket and leave Scotland for a new adventure!


After a long flight with 12-hour stop in Amsterdam and 3-hour delay, I finally arrived in Santiago. Once I got there, the heat wave hit me strongly, so strongly that I spend next day in the bed having a high fever... But the next day I felt much better!

My first day at work supposed to be on 9 January, so still I had a few days to look around and see the city. On my second day, I decided to visit Valparaiso and it was a fantastic idea to see a picturesque, colourful town. I got the impression that Santiago is unexpectedly big, messy and noisy but rich in cultural life city and that also, very nice people live here!

My first day at work

Well, I didn’t know what to expect at first, but when I entered the office, I was warmly greeted by everyone. It was surprising for me that here, in Chile, people greet by kissing in check, what for most European people it may be weird, but actually, you feel very welcomed and the stress just disappears!

I was introduced to many new people. Believe me, it’s hard to remember all the names at once, so sometimes, I had to ask people twice (forgive me guys). Then, I joined the green team to experience two bike tours in the morning and afternoon where I could see the city from different perspective and find out more about Santiago – the place I will live in for the next 6 months!

Next days

My next days were at the reception where I got to know the company, services we offer as well as tools we use to organise our work. I was explained how to use Trello – the program for organising tasks and also provided with the customer service training that I practiced later by greeting customers and renting bikes (never thought I can rent a bike!).

At the end of the week, I was given the training on marketing, I was explained how marketing email works and that I will be in charge of a company website. Cool! My training was intensive, as another intern, Franzi, was about to leave us soon, so I had to learn quickly how to manage it. Even though, I found out it something I really enjoy!

The Team

There are only lovely people at LBV. Seriously! People are great and they make a good team to work with! There is no strong hierarchy in the office, so everyone treats each other like a friend what is important part of feeling welcomed here! And also, every week, the team meets at ‘’el Techo’’ for a few drinks after work! Could it be better?

If still have doubts and read all the interns blogposts 100 times to find out if this is for you (like I did), my advice is one – just go for it! 😊