Cruise Ships in South America: Valparaiso and Santiago Chile

Valparaiso, Chile is getting ready to start its cruise ship season and the team at La Bicicleta Verde and Tours 4 Tips have some helpful tips for cruisers arriving to Chile. South American cruise ships often travel around the cape of horn visiting beautiful sights along the Chilean and Argentine Patagonia before sailing up to dock in Valparaiso. Arriving to the colorful yet chaotic Valparaiso can be daunting for some cruisers so we have prepared a short guide for cruisers to explore the city, Casablanca Wine Valley and Santiago, Chile.

Where Do Ships Arrive?

While ships dock in the main commercial port of Valparaiso, passengers are disembarked through the VTP passenger terminal about two kilometers around the bay. From the passenger terminal it is a short taxi ride or a quick ride on a historic trolley bus to the center of town.

What is There To See/ Do in Valparaiso?

Valparaiso is the cultural capital of Chile with 45 cerro hills rising from the pacific, the city is gritty, colorful and for over ten years a UNESCO World Heritage Sight. Valparaiso is best explored with an expert guide and the tripadvisor adored Tours 4 Tips offers two “tip based” city walking tours everyday as well as personalized private tours that will pick you up at the cruise terminal.

Should I stay in Valparaiso or Go Straight to Santiago?

Valparaiso has a great selection of boutique hotels, fantastic restaurants and world class museums to visit. We think that Valparaiso is deservant of a few nights stay, but for the very least a stroll around to see the cities unique charm is a must.

How Do We Get To Santiago From Valparaiso?

Santiago, Chile’s capital is a short hour and a half ride from Valparaiso. Safe and reliable public buses leave every 15 minutes from Valparaiso’s bus terminal. Private transportation can also be arranged, normally including a visit to vineyard in the beautiful Casablanca Wine Valley. Contact us at, for prices and availability!

What is There To See/Do In Santiago?

Santiago is a city of six million people and widely considered one of the most underrated travel destinations in South America. Parks, museums, world class dining and museums are all framed by the mighty Andes mountains towering over the cities skyline. A Bike and Wine tour is a great way to visit wineries within the city, or a city tour on two wheels will reveal Santiago’s charm and character. Sir Paul McCartney decided to do a city bike tour of Santiago with La Bicicleta Verde and so should you!

Feel free to contact us with any more questions about cruise ships in Valparaiso and your trip to Santiago!