Cruise Ships Arrive To Valparaiso Chile

The Cruise Ship Guide To Valparaiso Chile

For centuries ships have weathered the arduous sail around the Cape of Horn normally using Valparaiso Chile as as port of call during the journey. Modern times have brought smoother voyages but Valparaiso Chile continues to attract commercial, naval and of course Cruise Ships into its idyllic harbor resting below the amphitheater of 45 cerro hills. Valparaiso has become a major Cruise Ship destination as cruise ships make their way around the Cape of Horn or through the Panama Canal on the various routes traversed.

As a chaotic commercial and naval port city, cruisers are often dumbfounded by how to traverse Valparaiso Chile, and return to Santiago Chile where the countries major international airport is located. La Bicicleta Verde’s walking tours are the perfect option for exploring the hidden alleyways, graffitis and architectural gems of Chile’s Cultural Capital. Tripadvisor reviewers have called it the best introduction to Valparaiso Chile, The San Francisco of South America.

As lovers of Valparaiso we have prepared a small FAQ for Cruise Ship passengers arriving to the city.

Where Do Cruise Ships Disembark in Valparaiso?

Cruise ships generally call port in the main commercial port but passengers are required to disembark using shuttle buses to the cruise ship terminal (VTP) which is located  1.5km around the bay at Muelle Baron.

What Is There To See In Valparaiso?

Valparaiso is Chile’s only UNESCO World Heritage Site City a breathtaking mix of seaside hills, breathtaking views, unique architecture, fantastic street art and 19th century opulence. Formerly the most important port city in Latin America the cities downturn after the opening of the Panama Canal presents a stark but intriguing contrast between its wealthy past and modern realities. La Bicicleta Verde’s expert tour guides will lead you through the winding alleyways of Valparaiso’s Cerro Hills revealing the beauty and intrigue of the “Jewel of the Pacific.”

How Do I Get From The Cruise Ship Terminal to Valparaiso’s Downtown?

Taxis are a relatively cheap (and safe) way to travel from the cruise ship terminal to Plaza Sotomayor which is considered Valparaiso Chile’s main square. Historic Electric Trolley Buses are another locals option to get around the cities flat part. They depart from Av. Argentina just two blocks from the bus terminal and for $250

We Want to Explore Valparaiso For The Day, Where Do We Leave Our Luggage?

The best place to leave your luggage for the day if you will be using a bus to return to Santiago Chile (only a two hour trip) is at Valparaiso’s bus terminal located just three blocks from the VTP cruise ship terminal.

How Do We Get To Santiago?

Private transport to Santiago normally costs between $80-150 USD and can be arranged through transfer agencies. Public buses leave every 15 minutes from the bus terminal and are reliable, clean, modern and affordable (around 5-7 dollars per passenger)