Clémentine’s first week in Chile

  My first week in Santiago, Chile!


Before taking the plane to come here, I was really excited because I love to discover new places, new cultures, and it kind of feels like having multiples lives in different countries, filled with many new and different people, and I guess that’s what I love most about travelling and settling in a new country for a while.
So here I am, taking off on June the 20th, by myself, and couldn’t be more excited!

While landing, the landscapes were already beautiful, I was amazed, and I realized how lucky I was to be able to live such an experience.

I took a bus (transvip) to get to my house from the airport, but it was so hard understanding people (and I was so tired as well) that I didn’t even noticed I was outside the house I’d be living in for the next 6 months when the bus stopped. So the driver had to talk to me in English to get me to understand that I had to get off.
Finally home!!! I had a great nap and went back outside to discover more of Providencia.

The next day was Saturday, and I couldn’t wait for the weekend! So many things planned!
We went hiking al Cerro San Cristobal with my roommates on Saturday, it was amazing!!!! The view was awesome, and we felt grateful for being here!
I had a sense of freedom, and of limitless opportunities, being so small at the top of such big mountains, having a clear view of the immensity of what it seemed to be a great part of the world.

  On Sunday, we went to Cajon del Maipo by bus, and that’s when I had my very first empanada and sopaipilla! Loved it!!
What was kind of funny about this trip is that we got lost somewhere in San Gabriel, and then we jumped on another bus that luckily took us to San José Village where we walked around the cute little market. On our way back, I saw the most beautiful sunset; Santiago in its entirety turned pink and red, it was insane!


It was amazing! I took the multiple tours the company offers and within a few days I learned so much about Santiago I’m filled with joy!

I loved wandering around in La Vega during the tour, not only for the very nice people who work there or the beautiful colors throughout the whole market, but also because of the many different smells that kept me walking through the various isles.

I was warmly welcomed by the green team, or should I say the green family. Everyone was so nice to me, explaining to me all that I was going to do and learn, making me feel very comfortable so I wouldn’t feel bad about asking questions when I don’t understand something or don’t know what to do next.

I feel so lucky to be part of such an open-minded, joyful and welcoming team, and I’m looking forward to knowing them more and more as the days go by.


I love you already, Chile!