We’re so proud to have friends from all over! And with those friends come hefty recommendations on our part (hey, we wouldn’t be friends with them if they didn’t do awesome stuff!). In our hometown, Santiago, you can find one of our favorite places to get some old fashioned comfort food: California Cantina. Pizza, fries, burgers… If you’re craving it, they’ve got it. Tío Willy isn’t too shabby either — we’ve even put them on our top 5 best bars and restaurants in Santiago. They’ve got seafood galore, so if you’re looking for a fishier bite, pop on over there.


Our coastal neighbor, Valparaíso, has a couple of snacks and drinks for you, too. WineBox is a great place to hang out on the rooftop, admire Valpo’s nighttime glimmer, and of course, sip a fantastic cocktail. They even have a hotel there too, so maybe you cut out the middle man and crash where you’re getting your drink on. La Joya Sanguches is another personal favorite of ours — they certainly know how to do a sammie right. And, if you’re looking to do a cooking class, look no further. Chilean Cuisine is picking up what you’re putting down.