Chilean Sandwich Among World’s Best

Hola, Rachael the intern here…Now that I’ve spent a month in Chile trying out the country’s traditional dishes, from the delicious Cazuela soup to the exquisite empanadas, I’m proud to say Chile’s national sandwich the CHACARERO has just been voted by Timemagazine as one of the best sandwiches in the world. Simple but flavorsome, it layers up thin slices of steak or chicken, tomato, green beans and green chili peppers inside a round generous bread bun. A tasty yet healthy alternative to a standard hamburger! The sandwich is not the only thing that is tempting – the price is too, costing at MOST $4.000 Chilean pesos or about $7 US dollars.

It seems to have taken the US by storm – in fact if you live in Boston you needn’t look any further as there is a family owned restaurant dedicated to just this one sandwich! It is even named in honor of the sandwich: Chacarero. However I still think of course for the most authentic experience you need to come to Chile  to try the real deal. Some say it’s on track to be the burger of the 21st century. So watch out world…here comes the chacarero!

Chacarero restaurant in Boston.