Cerro San Cristobal: Top 7 Things To Do!

Santiago wraps its busy, loud and polluted arms around Cerro San Cristobal. The heart of Santiago that keeps this city beating. Its an easy escape from the hussle and bussle and only a short distance away from town. You only need to clamber a few meters and your lungs can feel the surge of fresh air.  Your eyes become magnets to the stunning Andes that sit parallel to the Cerro (Hill).

Cerro San Cristobal: Top 7 Things To Do! 

Spanning over 1784 acres of green space offering parks, viewpoints and activities. The statue Virgen de la Inmaculada Concepción stands at the highest point overlooking her beautiful city. Get yourself up the Cerro on Santiago’s more clear days to get the full benefits.

1- Cool Down In One Of The Hill’s Pools.

Piscina Antilén


Piscina Antilén

Want to cool down and relax while having a 360° view of Santiago? Piscina Antilén is located 800 meters above sea level on top of the Chacarillas hill. It offers a wow-factor view of Santiago. With a tranquil vibe, families are escaping to spend time on deck chairs and under umbrellas. You can buy traditional fast food at the pool. Remember to bring cash, there is no ATM nearby.

OPENING HOURS: Tue-Sun 10AM – 6.30PM. PRICE: Adults: $6.000, Children (3-13 years) and pensioners(60+ years): $4.000.

How to get there? Take a “colectivo” (cheap taxi) from the entrance of the cerro San Cristobal street “Pio Nono”. They will take you to the pools for 1500 CLP (2 $). Or you can walk form the Pedro de Valdivia Norte entrance (40 min).

Piscina Tupahue

The Antilén pool is known for its irregular shape and is made up of stone from the San Cristobal hill. With 82 meters in length and 25 meters in width it is the perfect spot to hang out with friends and family. There is also a children’s pool, where they can pee an play as they wish. OPENING HOURS: Tue – Sun. 10AM – 7PM. (Entrance until 6PM). PRICE: Adults: $6.000, Children (3-13 years old) and pensioners: $3.500. ADDRESS: Avenida Alberto Mackenna.

2- Take The Funicular To The Top


Funicular San Cristobal

The clue is in the name with the FUNicular. Jittering its way to the top of the Cerro is one of Santiago’s most prized historical possessions. Built in 1925 but still running today. The funicular can be accessed from Calle Pio Nono 445 in funky Barrio Bellavista. Open Mon 2pm-7pm, Tue-Sun 10am-7pm. A ticket on the funicular will cost you $2.000clp and on weekends $3.000clp. The best way to get there is to take the metro to Baquedano. Walk North straight up the Bellavista neighbourhood where you will find the funicular. When in doubt… follow the large snow white statue at the top of the hill.

3- Cycling Your Own Tour De France

One of the more popular ways to get to the top of cerro San Cristobal is on two wheels… but two fast wheels! This oasis of mountain bike routes has something for everyone. Enter the hill through Parque Metropolitano, on the street of Pio Nono. You will find different routes around one kilometer in distance. There are many resting places and places to use the bathrooms. You can also get there via Pedro de Valdivia or Américo Vespucio.


Ride Cerro San Cristoba

Mountain bikes are a must when battling the Cerros. Regular ones will leave you sitting in the ditch trying to hitchhike your way to the top. Not to mention the damage inflicted on the bike itself. Rent mountain bikes with La Bicicleta Verde for 9$.000

You can find examples of different routes online on this page.

4 – Lunch With An View



Santa Vista Restaurant

With impeccable service and atmosphere, Santiago Vista Restaurant offers visitors a unique dining experience. The restaurant overlooks the vast city from the paradoxical peaceful tranquility of San Cristóbal. If you have spent much time in Chile you’ll know how underwhelming the cuisine can be. Although this restaurant may make a dent in your pocket you WILL NOT leave underwhelmed. Offering a combination of vegetarian and meat dishes from the roots of fine Chilean cuisine.  Along with breathtaking views ensuring to leave you visually and gastronomically satisfied. Go on a clear day and  make sure to have a window table.

To get there, the easiest access if from pedro de valdivia entrance. If you are traveling by taxi there is an additional $3000 charge to enter the “Cerro San Cristobal”. Book at +56223354463 –  Open Tuesday – Saturday 12:00 pm – 3:00 pm and 7:00 pm – 11:00 pm – Free parking

5 – A Work Of Art And A Playground For Children

‘Gabriela Mistral’ is a children’s playground designed by Chilean sculptor Fedirico Assler aged 85. He created this playful art piece completely without sketches or drawings. It opened 46 years ago but has had some recent constructions added to it. The park holds great sentimental value to the people of Santiago. Generations of families have had the opportunity to enjoy it. Bring your children to this spot and allow them to enjoy the magic of this park. Not to mention the history and artistic atmosphere. It’s located in parque metropolitano de Santiago close to the zoo on the Bellavista side of the hill.

6 – I Work Out.


Work out stations – Cerro San Cristobal

There are selection of workout stations situated in the parks. There are designated areas in parks given for manual work out machines, from bench presses to cross trainers. It’s a good idea to go to San Cristobal’s work out stations to escape the potential lung damage

7- The Chilean National Zoo

ZoologicalIn the heart of the big city you can experience a touch of natural wildlife. The Zoo has over 1000 animals from 158 different species, both local and exotic. You can get to see some rare and endangered animals such as the condor and the Pudu deer. The zoo is a self-proclaimed advocate of animal welfare although it has received some negative reviews and responses. Grab the famous mote con huesillo while enjoying the view of Santiago. Take an easy 5 minute walk up a small part of the hill.