Celebrate local culture, art, heritage declaration and more! Activities in Valparaiso July 3-10

What to do in Valpo this week! 

Art Imprisoned on a Hill

The final days are up to see the work of artist Francisco Rivera, who creates puzzles out of his paintings and sculptures with crazy cuts and perfect fits… making ‘color’ the protagonist of his work. The exhibition is at the Parque Cultural de Valparaiso, also known as the ex-Cárcel (Jail in Spanish), because until 1999 the main prison of the Port was located here. Today it is a must-see for those visiting Valpo where the open gardens are unforgettable.

“Sistemas Progresivos Opuestos” Exhibition.  Open til Sunday July 6th. FREE. Monday to Sunday 10AM to 6PM.  Parque Cultural de Valparaíso.

11-year Birthday: Time to Celebrate!

All are invited to the grand celebration of Valpo… 11 years ago the city was declared a World Heritage City by UNESCO. Palacio Baburriza (paseo Yugoeslavo 176) and the Museo Lord Cochrane (Merlet 195) will be open Sunday the 6th with special exhibits. Between July 4 and 8 Tesoros Porteños exhibition will be showing off ancient objects, like furniture and photographs, depicting life of the past in Valpo. (Casa Consistorial, Condell 1490)

Celebration Mode On in Valpo.

The celebrations continue in Valpo because this Saturday July 5 is Chileneando en el Puerto, a day filled with cueca and cumbia to heat up the winter air. Don’t miss  Pasión Porteña, Los Nogalinos, Las Carolas, Los Pregoneros, Los Chuchetas De San Bk, Savia Porteña, Los Guainas, Los Dueños del Barón, Los Sicarios del Puerto, and Los Del Mapocho, among many other musicians who will be on the most lively stage of the port.

Saturday July 5. 1PM. $2.000. Caleta Portales.

Saturday On Fuego!

Pachanguero Bar opens their doors and wants to change the night with an unforgettable evening with 4 live bands: Poder Guadaña, Cabro Washo, Laca Manchaca y Sonora Wafel. You can’t miss it! ($1.000. 10PM. Errázuriz 1282). If you go looking for a different night, Private Dancer IV is for you. Put on your best look, do not forget to wear feathers, a wig, hat or your best bowtie because this night everything will be glamourous with disco dancers and a very sensual show. (9PM $3.000. La Vela Bar, Serrano 537).

Italy…Mamma Mia

A small restaurant with an enormous kitchen with Mediterranean flavors: That is what Totobistoto is! You can open your appetite with an antipasto, the soup of the day, or one of their delicious paninis. Continue with fresh pasta, risotto, or their delicious pizzas. Finish with a dessert, such as the traditional tiramisu, and a true Italian coffee.

Totobistoto. Almirante Montt 533, Cerro Alegre. Open: Thursday to Friday 6PM a 11PM. Saturday lunch and dinner, Sunday lunch.