Bikes vs. Buses vs. Walking

Santiago Parks Bike tour

Bikes tours vs. Bus and Walking tours 

Santiago, Chile’s capital city provides numerous options for any type of traveler. When thinking of what to do in Santiago, it presents itself with the most basic quandary of whether you should see the city by taking a bus tour, a walking tour or a bike tour. Santiago’s endless attractions including the famous markets, parks, museums, plazas, and historic districts are all centrally located, waiting to be explored. 


Bus Tours in Santiago 

There are, of course, the big tour bus companies in Santiago, similar to any other big city. Bus tours may be an option for weary travelers, as it requires minimal physical exertion but it is really worth it? The convenience of the bus tours are attractive, yet why travel all the way to Santiago to see the city through glass? 


Walking Tours in Santiago

A walking tour of Chile’s biggest city is a better option. The beautiful downtown neighborhoods of Bellavista, Bellas Artes, Lastarria and Providencia are easy to visit with the Tours4Tips city walking tour. The bountiful markets of La Vega Central and The Mercado Central and the Presidential Palace are explored by our bike tour guides who also get off their bikes to show Santiago by foot.


14 reasons why our bike tours are the best for exploring Santiago!

We started offering bike tours in Santiago in February 2008 because we realized that bikes allow visitors to see the city in a different yet better way than bus tours and walking tours. Bike tours may not be the first thing on your mind, when thinking of Santiago but expect the unexpected while here!

  1. Most friendly bike citySantiago is Latin America’s most friendly bike city, making cycling more accessible for everyone. Cycling around the city has also become increasingly popular with the locals
  2. New bikes lanes 
    They were constructed in 2015, which stretch 42 kilometers long along the famous Mapocho River. It is easy to travel from barrio to barrio in Santiago, as these bike lanes like 8 together!
  3. Very safe
    It’s very safe, the majority of the bike lanes run along the river and through the parks, away from the road
  4.  Skip the traffic
    Santiago traffic is a whole other level. It was voted in 2017 as one of the most congested cities in the world! Don’t get persuaded by a bus tour, due to the severe taco (traffic in Chilean)!
  5.  It’s healthy for you
    Get a little exercise even during a holiday! You will soon realize that Chileans love to eat and it’s evident in the size of their portions. Chile is known for its amazing food, such as asado, pastel de choclo etc. – enjoy everything without feeling guilty!
  6.  It’s sustainable
    Here at La Bicicleta Verde, we believe in being green, so why not reduce your carbon footprint by hopping on a bike tour? Breath fresh air as you skip all of the traffic
  7. Travel at a slower pace
    Our tours are aimed to keep to a schedule but are more flexible than bus tours. It’s easier to enjoy the views and sights of Santiago while on a bike and it’s always easy to stop for a photo.
  8.  Smaller groups
    We have a phrase in English – ‘herded like sheep’ and it is used when there is a large group of travelers being ‘herded’ from one stop to the next, just like sheep! Therefore, they just follow! We offer smaller groups so you will have a more personal interaction with your guide, so feel free to ask him any questions or for any recommendations.
  9. The best introduction to Santiago
    Our tours provide the best introduction to not only the city but also to Chilean culture. You will ride through various barrios in Santiago, witnessing the hustle and bustle of the capital. Learn everything you wish to know with our experienced green guides!
  10.  More comfortable
    Don’t be cramped on a bus, yes you may hop on and hop off, but isn’t it so much easier and quicker to just pull over on your bike?
  11.  It’s for everyone
    Whether you are an experienced cyclist or just a beginner, our tours are designed to encompass everyone!
  12.  Cover more ground than by bus or walking
    Our tours offer a fun yet informative atmosphere, so whether you are traveling in a group or alone; don’t feel intimidated, come join us! 
  13.  Great by yourself or in a group
    Our tours offer a fun yet informative atmosphere, so whether you are traveling in a group or alone; don’t feel intimidated, come join us!
  14.  Less tiring
    Walking around and standing on your feet can be exhausting even if it’s a gentle stroll, as well as bus tours. Our bike tours are definitely less tiring!


Our tours: 


Santiago Markets City Bike Tour:

The morning city bike tour, 9:30am, explores the less touristy areas of Santiago. Discover the graffiti-filled Barrio Bellavista and Santiago’s largest market with our favorite recommendations to grab a traditional Chilean meal!


Santiago Highlights City Bike Tour:


The afternoon city bike tour, 2:30pm, take you to see the highlights – cruise through the spacious green parks right in the city center and discover the important recent history of the Pinochet regime!


Maipo Valley Bike and Wine:

Pedal along the Andean foothills, savoring the wine culture found throughout the Maipo Valley, a secret oasis, located on the outskirts of Santiago. Discover and try Chilean wine with the renowned William Fevre Vineyard.